1. The slender boy scaled the wall like a lizard.

2. If you work for the UN, it will help if you are multilingual.

3. With the final examinations coming very soon his apprehension was rising to almost unbearable limits.

4. All drinks that include saccharin must be marked with a warning label because saccharin may cause cancer.

5. The perpetual motion of the earth as it turns on its axis creates the change of seasons.

6. Most competitions are not open to both professionals and nonprofessionals.

7. Mr. Black did not affirm his opinions in a positive manner.

8. A fundamental premise of a free-enterprise economic system is that all small businesses face difficult competition.

9. He never knew he suffered from claustrophobia until he was trapped in an elevator for three hours.

10. After a long lunch hour, business resumes as usual.

11. The midnight sun is caused when the earth tilts toward the sun.

12. It was inevitable that the smaller company should merge with the larger.

13. The current edition of that magazine discusses the ancient civilizations of Latin America.

14. The labor movement in the United States seeks to achieve economic reform within the existing free enterprise system.

15. It was necessary to divide the movie ‘Roots’ into five parts in order to show it on television.

16. The conference is governed by its newly elected board.

17. Frank Borman was the commander of the Apollo 8 space flight when it circled the moon in 1968.

18. In the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947, the closed shop became illegal.

19. A messenger was sent to the council with important information.

20. The food at the picnic attracted a larger number of bees.