1. The word “antonym” was coined in 1857.

2. News commentator, Eric Sevareid, had to yell to be heard above thehubbub

3. If a client insists upon being stubborn, lawyers have to settle claims in court.

4. The little red colt belongs to that brown female horse.

5. Sixteen-weight bond paper is too lacking in strength to be used in typing a manuscript.

6. Summer weather of ninety degrees or more has been reported off and on in Fort Yokon, Alaska.

7. With the dawn of space exploration the notion that atmospheric conditions on Earth may be unique in the solar system was strengthened.

8. The design of wildlife refuges is still a matter of considerable controversy.

9. The biennial festival was a great success despite the worst weather for years.

10. The kiwi is a peculiar flightless creature with furry feathers and a long, curved beak.

11. Midway Island was annexed by the United States in 1895.

12. Plato’s teachings had a profound effect on Aristotle.

13. The powerful ruler suppressed a rebellion and punished the instigators.

14. The student’s wan appearance caused the teacher to send him home.

15. The art students were enthralled by the sheer beauty of the portrait which hung before them.

16. The president of the company will resign at the end of the fiscal year.

17. Architects must consider whether their designs are likely to be very wet in sudden downpours.

18. Mental patients are sometimes given the drug chlorpromazine to reduce tension.

19. The current nickel, with a profile of Thomas Jefferson on the front and a picture of Monticello on the back, has been minted since 1938.

20. Professional gamblers will rarely back a long shot.