1. Our knowledge of at least two-thirds of the world’s languages remains scanty.

2. The company will only employ competent engineers, so they want to see evidence of their work as well as references from previous employers.

3. The recent graduate had more problems than he had anticipated in his chosen field.

4. If the teams were not so evenly matched, it would be easier to foretell the outcome of the Superbowl.

5. Jet engines go in the opposite directions upon touchdown.

6. In American football, the coach may shout to the captain to call time out.

7. To look quickly through a book is an important study skill.

8. Many people stood outside the church during the funeral to pay respects to the late president.

9. The implication of his decision was not to be noticed for years to come.

10. Even a century after the end of the Civil War, old grievances still rankled.

11. The speed of light is used to measure the vast spaces between stars and planets.

12. Even more powerful computers are needed to process all the pertinent information required for accurate weather forecasting.

13. Viewers often find the paintings of the photo-Realist school somewhat disconcerting.

14. Let’s suppose that we are floating in a cool pool on a hot summer’s day.

15. The ancient Greek temple is perched on top of Athen’s highest hill.

16. Relaxation therapy teaches one not to fret over small problems.

17. In the play ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster’, the retorts attributed to Webster may be more fiction than history.

18. Several theories of evolution had historically preceded that of Charles Darwin, although he expounded upon the stages of development.

19. Keep two pencils handy while taking the examination.

20. During the electrical storm the lights began to shine unsteadily.