1. Her brusque manner surprised all of the guests.

2. The directions to the experiment were so intricate that most students were unable to even begin.

3. A compound break is more serious than a simple one because there is more opportunity for loss of blood and infection.

4. A thrifty buyer purchases fruits and vegetables in season.

5. Interfering with someone’s mail is a serious crime in the United States.

6. When dogs and cats go wandering, they often end up in the City Dog Pound.

7. A ford is a place where it is possible to cross a creek or river.

8. The inland Caspian Sea is saline.

9. Nonconformist beliefs should not be advertised when applying for a job.

10. Lyndon Johnson succeeded John Kennedy as president of the United States.

11. The biography is a very popular form of prose.

12. While in Europe on vacation, the twins roamed the countryside on their bikes.

13. An unsuccessful attempt was made to salvage the yacht and its contents.

14. It was difficult to apprehend the criminal because of the sketchy details supplied by the witness.

15. The Johnsons’ new garage was not wide enough for the camper to fit.

16. Congressional leaders prepared a strategy to verride the presidential veto.

17. The macadamia tree, originally an Australian evergreen, was brought to Hawaii in the 1800’s, and today its nuts are an important Hawaiian crop.

18. The average age of the inhabitants is 27.6 years.

19. More maple syrup is produced in the Canadian province of Quebec than is produced in the entire United States.

20. King Midas’s greed led him to spend a life of grief.