Ngữ pháp cơ bản tiếng Anh hàng ngày

Unit 10. Possessive pronouns (Đại từ sở hữu)

Xét ví dụ này:

a friend of John’s: một người bạn của John. […]

Unit 41. Prefixes and Suffixes (Tiền tố và hậu tố)

Trong tiếng Anh có những từ gọi là căn ngữ (root), căn ngữ này có thể được ghép thêm một cụm từ ở trước gọi là tiếp đầu ngữ (prefix). Tùy thuộc vào nghĩa của căn ngữ và tiếp đầu ngữ mà có một từ có nghĩa khác. Tương tự cụm từ được ghép ở cuối căn ngữ gọi là tiếp vĩ ngữ (suffix). […]

Unit 40. Model Verbs (Động từ khuyết thiếu)


Đặc tính chung của Động từ khuyết thiếu (Modal verbs)

Unit 39. Auxiliary Verbs (Trợ động từ)

Có 12 trợ động từ trong tiếng Anh: be, have, do, can, shall, will, may, must, need, ought (to), dare, used (to).

Trong số 12 trợ động từ nêu trên, có 9 động từ còn được xếp vào loại Động từ khuyết thiếu (Modal verbs). Đó là các động từ can, may, must, will, shall, need, ought (to), dare và used (to). […]

Unit 38. Subjunctive mood (Thể bàng cách)

Subjunctive Mood là thể Bàng thái cách. Đây là thể khó dùng nhất trong tiếng Anh.

Các động từ chia trong Subjunctive Mood khá đặc biệt. Hai thì thường được dùng nhất trong thể này là Past Subjunctive và Past Perfect Subjunctive. […]

Unit 37. Indefinite and demonstrative pronouns

Đại từ bất định (indefinite pronouns) gồm có nhiều nhóm:

Nhóm kết hợp với some để cho something, someone, somebody.

Unit 36. Relative pronouns ( Đại từ quan hệ )

Đại từ quan hệ (relative pronouns) có 3 chức năng ngữ pháp chính trong một câu:

Thay cho một danh từ ngay trước nó, làm một nhiệm vụ trong mệnh đề (clause) theo sau, liên kết mệnh đề với nhau. […]

Unit 35. Personal Pronouns (Đại từ nhân xưng)

Các loại Đại từ

Đại từ (pronoun) là từ dùng thay cho một danh từ. Đại từ có thể được chia thành 8 loại: […]

Các bài luyện nghe tiếng Anh hàng ngày

Where’s the Movie Theater?

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

In this conversation, Steve has asked Jennifer out on a date to the movie theater. Where might he take her before or after the date? Do you think he will […]

Wedding Anniversary

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What are some common ways to celebrate wedding anniversaries? What do people do, where do they go, and what gifts to they buy for their spouses?

HELPFUL TIP: For some people, […]

Video Game Systems

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

Video game systems like the Game Boy are popular among children and teenagers, but how do children obtain these systems: they receive them as gifts, they earn money and buy […]

Utah Travel Ad

. Pre-Listening Exercises

There are a number of beautiful national parks in the Mountain West of the United States including Zions National Park, Arches National Park, and Mesa Verde. What things do you […]

Trivia Game Show

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What kinds of game shows do you have in your country? What types of questions do the game show hosts ask? What prizes are awarded to the winners?

HELPFUL TIP: Playing […]

The Ideal Woman

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

In a small group, describe the “ideal” partner for you. Think in terms of personality, educational and family background, socioeconomic level, job, and personal values and beliefs.



I. Pre-Listening Exercises

Have you ever received phone calls from telemarketers trying to sell you something? If so, what was the product or service that was being advertised?

HELPFUL TIP: Telemarketing is big […]

Taxi Ride

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What questions might you ask a taxi driver before and after you board the taxi?

HELPFUL TIP: Be sure to show your appreciation by giving taxi drivers a tip. That is […]

Các bài trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh hàng ngày

Where are you from?

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What are typical topics of conversation that come up when meeting someone for the first time? Write down your ideas before you begin.

HELPFUL TIP: When you meet new world […]

What a Busy Day!

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

Talk about your daily schedule starting from when you wake up until you go to sleep. What activities do you enjoy? What is the busiest time of day?

II. Listening Exercises […]

Travel on Sky Airlines

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What types of information would you expect to hear from the pilot or flight attendant on an airplane?

HELPFUL TIP: When traveling by plane, pay close attention to the in-flight announcements. […]

Travel Arrangements

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What types of questions would you ask a travel agent when making flight reservations (e.g., how much is fare, what is the flight number, etc.). How important is it to […]

Train Tickets

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

How do people find cheap or discount train tickets to get around your city in your country? What about train tickets for popular destinations like New York City, London, France, […]

Tell me about yourself

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

Having pen friends is a good way to meet people. What kinds of things would you write or talk about when introducing yourself to a pen friend (pen pal) for […]

Spending Money

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

Did you receive allowance from your parents when you were child? How about now? Did you have to do household chores to earn the money? How did you spend it?


Medical Advice: What’s the Matter?

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

Name several illnesses that keep people from going to work or school. Then, discuss the symptoms for each and remedies and treatments for curing the problem.

HELPFUL TIP: People often have […]

Các bài học mới nhất trên Tiếng Anh hàng ngày

Home Repairs

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

Discuss with a partner three common repairs or home improvements people do in and around their apartments or houses (e.g., kitchen cabinets, roofing, siding, etc.).

The walls need to be repainted […]

Furniture Store

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What kinds of information do you hear in typical radio or TV commercials, let’s say, for a department store (e.g., store hours, telephone number, etc.)? What types of promotions do […]

Funerals:Expressing Condolences

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What are some common expressions you say to people who have lost a loved one due to illness, accident, or other circumstances?

HELPFUL TIP: The loss of a close friend […]

Friendly Dental Care

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What are some reasons for visiting a dentist (e.g., tooth whitening, dental cleaning, orthodontics, invisalign braces, tooth fillings)? Name some common dental problems and possible preventative care for each.


Friday Night Mishaps

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

Discuss the kinds of mishaps or accidents that can occur around the house that might home repairs or house cleaning. Use the following verbs and nouns or others you know […]

First Mountain Bank

Instructions: First, listen to the telephone recording by pressing the “Audio only” button. Then, choose the number that would provide the listener with the information for each statement. Press the “Final Score” button […]

Flower Shop

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

On what occassions do people buy flowers for others (e.g., marriages, funerals, etc.)? Where can you buy flowers in your area? What types of flowers (and colors) are given for […]

Easy Pet Care

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What are some basic tips for caring for a dog or cat (e.g., feeding, grooming, house training, etc.)?

HELPFUL TIP: Think twice about buying a pet for a family member as […]

Enjoying the Zoo

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What animals do you enjoy seeing at a zoo, including those that you would see on safari trips or Arctic sightseeing tours? What do like most about these animals?


Driving Road Test

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What are some basic rules of the road you need to know when taking a road test to obtain a driver’s license in your country? How about where you live […]

Dating Woes

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

Finding pen friends (pen pals) or developing good friendships, either through online dating or talking with friends, can be an important part of a happy life. However, in dating […]

Car Repairs

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What are some common car problems that require special maintenance or repair?

HELPFUL TIP: Not all mechanics are the same, so shop around for a reputable company that can repair your […]

Car Accident

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What are some of the major factors that lead to car accidents and what can be done to deal with these causes?

HELPFUL TIP: Accidents are often caused by a combination […]

Cancer Treatment

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What exactly is cancer, and what forms of cancer are most common in your country or area (liver cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, skin cancer, or other)? Search the Internet […]

ABCs of Money Matters

I. Pre-Listening Exercises

What are common monthly expenses for a student living on their own, including student or car loans? How about a family of four? Write a list of your expenses, figure […]