Some animals are wild.
They don`t live in homes or cages.
They live in jungles or on plains.
The lion is the king of the beasts.
He is very mighty.
He roars loudly.
The giraffe has a long neck.
He eats leaves from the tallest trees.
The elephant is very large.
He has a trunk and two tusks.
A tiger has stripes.
Some bears are black, and some are brown.
There are even white bears called polar bears.
A kangaroo lives in Australia.
That is the only place that you would find a kangaroo, except in a zoo.
It might be frightening to run into a wolf or a fox.
Monkeys run and play in the trees.
In Canada, we don`t see lions, tigers, giraffes or monkeys running wild.
There are squirrels in my back yard.
Sometimes, I see a raccoon or a chipmunk.
In northern Ontario, you might see a moose or a bear.
I have seen a deer in the forest.
There are many wild animals.
You can see wild animals if you go to the zoo.