A house is divided into different rooms.
In my house, there is a living room.
There is a couch, two chairs, a coffee table and a television set in the living room.
In the kitchen, there is a stove and a refrigerator.
There is also a sink and a dishwasher in the kitchen.
There is a kitchen table and chairs.
We eat most of our meals at the kitchen table.
We have a dining room.
There is a dining table and chairs in there.
There is a washroom or bathroom.
There is a toilet, sink and bathtub in the bathroom.
There is also a shower in the bathroom.
We have three bedrooms.
The bedrooms are upstairs.
My brother`s room, my room and my parent`s room all have beds in them.
We also have dressers in our rooms.
There are closets in all of the bedrooms.
We keep our clothes in the closets.
There is a basement in our house.
We store things in the basement.
There is a laundry room in the basement.
There is a washing machine and a dryer in the laundry room.
This is where we wash and dry our clothes.
There is a garage attached to the house.
We keep the car in the garage.
You drive up the driveway and into the garage.
We also have a front yard and a back yard.
There is a vegetable garden in the back yard.
There are some flowers and a tree planted in the front yard.