Life-long passions
Interviewer How long have you been trying to pass your driving test, Betty?
Betty Seventeen years
Interviewer And how many times have you taken it?
Betty Thirty-eight and I`m afraid I`ve failed it every time. I`ve always wanted to be able to drive, and I`m to determined to pass.
Interviewer I suppose you`ve been having lessons all this time.
Betty That`s right.
Interviewer How many have you had?
Betty Over two hundred and seventy. It`s cost me about two thousand pounds already. I`m taking the test again next week.
Interviewer I hear you`re saving up to buy your own car. How long have you been saving?
Betty Since 1982.
Interviewer And how much have you saved?
Betty Over �4,000, and that enough to buy a nice little second hand car
Interviewer Well, all the very best with your next test.
Betty Thank you.

A You look tired. What have you been doing?
B I`m exhausted. I`ve been getting ready to go on holiday.
A Have you done everything?
B Nearly. I`ve packed the cases and I`ve been to the bank, but haven`t checked the flight yet.

Charity appeals
This might be the age of high technology in many western countries, but for the majority of the world`s children, everyday life is still a fight just to survive. In Africa and Asia, ten per cent of babies die before they are one year old. Average life expectancy is about 46. One in four Third World children can expect to suffer malnutrition. In developing countries nearly three quarters of the people do not have access to safe water, yet eighty per cent of the world`s disease is caused by dirty water.
Action Aid has started development programmes in eight of the poorest countries in the world. Our sponsorship scheme is based on the belief that individual people relate much more easily to the needs and problems of one other person than to the statistics expressed in millions. Sponsorship is a personal relationship with one child in need, and sponsors have a link with the child, either through reports on progress at school or by direct correspondence. Our first aim is to provide a basic education and, where needed, food, clothing, and medical care. Over the years we have helped more than half a million children, but we need your help to continue. You can give a child a chance. Just contact a branch of Action Aid.
Mencap is the Royal Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults. It has been operating since 1946, and has grown into an organization with 55,000 members, most of whom are parents and friends of mentally handicapped people. Mental handicap is not an illness; it cannot be cured by medical means, it is a life-long disability. Our aims are to educate the general public and to provide the care that the mentally handicapped need. About one in every hundred people is affected by some form of mental handicap. Most of the rest of us know very little about it. But our ignorance and fear can mean that we treat these people in a way which is hurtful and discouraging to them.
We have opened two new residential homes for children this year, and we have been trying for several years to find residential accommodation for mentally handicapped adults whose relatives are no longer capable of looking after them. It is for this, and our many other projects, that we need your help. Please give generously.
Amnesty International will only be satisfied when it is no longer needed. We are a worldwide movement, independent of any government, political party, economic interest, or religious belief. Our activities focus on the release of prisoners of conscience. These are men and women imprisoned for their beliefs, colour, sex, language, or religion. We try to get fair and early trials for all political prisoners, and we oppose the death penalty and torture of all prisoners without reservation.
Amnesty International has been working for over twenty years, and in that time we have helped prisoners in over sixty countries. We have won several peace prizes, including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977 and the United Nations Human Rights Prize in 1978. Each year we handle, on average, nearly 5,000 individual cases, regardless of the ideology of either the victims or the Governments concerned. Please help us, and so make us redundant in our world.
Drought and famine have come to Africa again this year, just as they have every year for the past ten years. In some parts of Africa it hasn`t rained for three years. There have been no crops, and the animals on which many people depend died long ago. Refugees are pouring from the countryside into the towns in their desperate search for food, and it has been estimated that over 1,000 people are dying every day.
Your help is needed now. This situation is catastrophic. We need to get food, medical supplies, blankets, tents, clothes, doctors, and nurses to the area urgently. Please give all you can. No pound or penny will ever have been better spent, or more appreciated.