Past Perfect
a. We`d stopped playing when the rain started.
b. We stopped playing when the rain started.
c. We`d play tennis if the rain stopped.
d. When I arrived, she`d left.
e. When I arrived, she left.
f. We walked ten miles, then we had a rest.
g. We had a rest when we`d walked ten miles.
h. I`d like to stop for a rest.
i. She checked that she`d turned off the television.
j. I`d known him for many years when he died.

An interview with Celia Young
C = Celia Young I = Interview
I Celia, why have you written another romantic novel?
C Well, I find romantic fiction easy to write, but my next novel won`t be a romance. I`m hoping to write something different, possibly a detective story.
I I`m interested in the character of Felix. Is he anyone you know from real life?
C No… erm… I`m glad I don`t have a Felix in my life. I`ve been happily married for over fifteen years… erm… to Richard Marsh, the politician.
I You`ve now written five novels. When did you start writing?
C Well, I`ve written stories and poems all my life and I`ll continue to write even when I`m an old lady!
I Celia � thank you for talking to me. I hope Hot Lips will be successful.

The girl of my best friend (a love song)
The way she walks,
The way she talks,
How long can I pretend?
Oh,I can`t help it.I`m in love
With the girl of my best friend.
Her lovely hair.
Her skin so fair.
I could go on and never end.
Oh, I can`t help it, I`m in love
With the girl of my best friend.
I want to tell her how I love her so,
And hold her in my arms, but then
What if she got him and told him so?
I could never face either one again.
The way they kiss.
Their happiness.
Will my aching heart ever mend?
Or will I always be in love
With the girl of my best friend?
Never end.
Will it ever end?
Please let it end..

Saying goodbye
1. Goodbye! Have a safe journey. Send us a postcard!
2. Goodbye. It`s been most interesting talking to you. We`ll let you know by post.
3. Goodbye. Thank you for a lovely evening. You must come to us next time.
4. Bye-bye! Thank you very much for having me.
5. Bye! See you later. Are you doing anything tonight?
6. Goodbye! Drive carefully and call us when you get there!
7. Goodbye. Here`s my number. Please get in touch if you have any problems with it.
8. Goodbye! Good luck in the future. I`ve really enjoyed our lessons together!