Unidentified flying objects

I = Interviewer B = Mr Burton

I. Mr Burton, you say that you have seen a UFO. Is that right?
B. Yes, absolutely right. It happened just over a year ago.
I. And where was this?
B. Near my home in Aldershot, in the south of England. I live near the big military base in Aldershot.
I. What time of day was it?
B. It was about one o`clock in the morning. I was out fishing. The weather forecast said it was going to be a warm, clear night with no clouds, and that`s perfect for fishing.
I. And what happened?
B. Well, I saw a bright light coming towards me at about three hundred feet, and then it started to land. It was behind some trees, but I could see it clearly because there was a full moon. Then I saw two forms coming towards me and when they were about five feet away, they just stopped and looked at me for a good ten or fifteen seconds.
I. What did they look like?
B. They were quite small, about four feet tall, dressed in green suits from head to foot, and they had helmets of the same colour with a red visor, so I couldn`t see their faces. They both carried space guns.
I. Did they speak to you?
B. Yes. The one on the right said: �Come this way, please?�
I. Weren`t you frightened?… I mean weren`t you surprised that they spoke English?
B. They spoke in a funny accent. It sounded more like a machine talking than a person. No I wasn`t frightened. I don`t know why. The one who spoke started to walk towards the light, and I followed him, with the other one behind me. We got to a wall and the first �form� just walked through it. I couldn`t believe it! I had to climb over it, and then we got to spaceship.
I. What did that look like?
B. It was about forty-five feet across, and silver, very, very shiny, and there were round windows all round the side.
I. Did you go inside?
B. Yes, I did. There were steps going up, and we went into an octagonal room. I stood there for about ten minutes. The walls, the floor, and the ceiling were all black. I couldn`t see any controls or instrument but there was a central column going up from the floor to the ceiling, about four feet wide, right in the middle of the room.
I. Were there any more of these �forms�?
B. No, just the two. Suddenly, one of them said: �Stand under the red light.� I couldn`t see any red light, but then I moved to the right and I could see it up on the wall, just under the ceiling. I stood there for about five minutes, and then a voice said: �What is your age?� I said: �Seventy-four.� Then they told me to turn around. After about five more minutes one of them said: �You can go. You are too old and ill for our purposes.� So I left and went back to the river.
I. Did the spaceship take off?
B. Yes. I hear a very high-pitched noise, like a scream, and the thing took off straight into the sky and disappeared. I sat by the river and watched it go. This was about two o`clock.
I. Then what did you do?
B. Next morning I went to the police, and in the afternoon someone form the Ministry of Defence came to my house to interview me. He told me to keep quiet about the whole thing, and tell absolutely no one. I thought this was very strange, but I did as he told me.
I. Why have you decide to tell people about it now?
B. Because I want people to know what happened to me. I didn`t use to believe in UFOs, but now I know they exist. I think governments are trying to hide something, but people have a right to know.
I. Thank you, Mr Burton, very much. A fascinating story.

Dictation of times
A What times does the football match start?
B Quarter past three.

A Is it on TV tonight?
B Yes. It`s on BBC 1 at nine fifty-five.

A That`s a shame. My favourite programme is on then.
B What`s that?
A A documentary called Life on Earth. It started at ten to ten.

B What times does it finish?
A Twenty-five past ten.
B It looks like you`ll miss it if you want to watch the football.

The next train to leave from platform nine will be the eleven oh five to Bristol, calling at Reading and Swindon.

A When`s the next train to Durham, please?
B Let me see. It`s the… fourteen twenty-eight. Platform eleven.
A Fourteen twenty-eight erm…. That`s er…
B Twenty-eight minutes past two.

A I`m meeting someone on the Manchester train. What time is it due in?
B It`s running twenty minutes late, I`m afraid. It`ll be in at nineteen forty, platform two.
A Thanks.

The twelve fifteen flight to Dublin is now boarding at gate five. Twelve fifteen Dublin flight, gate five.

A Do you have any luggage, sir?
B No, just hand luggage. What time do we start boarding?
A At about twenty-five to seven?
B Thanks.

A What time is the plane due to arrive?
B At a quarter to eight local time.

A Which flight is yours?
B At three oh two.
A What time does it go?
B Twenty-one thirty.

A What time do you go to bed?
B Never before midnight. Usually about half past twelve.