The world`s most loved car
P = Presenter

P This week in Worldly Wise we talk to people about the world`s most loved car � the Volkswagen Beetle. Why do so many people love it so much?
Man They`re noisy � ugly really, but so full of character. They`re not very comfortable, but they`re totally reliable. Mine`s my friend � a reliable, always jolly friend. In rain, in snow he`ll get me there, and we chat as we go along the roads together � �Well done!� I say. �Don`t you worry about that big Volvo?� Over the years I`ve asked my Beetle-owning friends why they bought a Beetle… er… and they say that there are some things in life that can never be improved and the Beetle is like that!
P How did it all start? Well, Volkswagen means �people`s car�. And in 1934, Ferdinand Porsche was asked by the German Government to design exactly that � a car for the people. A factory was built, and the first distinctive-looking cars were ready in 1938. Then, of course, there was a problem � the Second World War!
After the war, a British officer, Major Ivan Hurst, was put in charge of the Volkswagen factory. Another officer, Michael McEnvoy, remembered the car from before the war and he though it would be good for American and British soldiers in Germany. So the first fans of the car were not the Germans, but British and American soldiers. And some of them loved it so much that they took their cars back home!
SONG We found a wonderful bargain,
A little Beetle Volkswagen
He came all the way from Germany
To set the here in this country.
He said: Ja, ja, ja!
And he laughed: �Tee hee!�
He said: �This is the place for me!�
P The first VW garage was opened in Britain in the 50s by a man called John Baber. His son, Peter, still sells VWs.
Peter My father travelled everywhere in his own VW. He used to come to my school to watch the cricket and football matches. The other boys used to call out �Oh! Here comes Baber in his Beetle�. So when my father started a VW magazine he called it Beetling. Anyway that`s where we say the name came from!
P And so the Beetle got its name!
At first only a few people owned them and when they met on the road they used to wave to each other.
Twenty million Beetles were produced, but none have been made in Europe since 1974. However, the Beetle lives on. They are still made in South America.
A question asked by many people is: �Will they be made again in Europe?� Surely there is a market for them � twenty million Beetle owners can`t be wrong!
SONG He gives us very much pleasure.
Our little Volkswagen treasure.
When we ask if he ever felt inclined
To go back again to his home near the Rhein.
He said: �Nein, nein, nein!�
And he laughed: �Hee. Hee�
He said: �This is the place for me�
He said: �Nein… ect�

Where are the dialogues taking place?
Waitress: Good afternoon. What can I get you?
Customer: We`d like a pot of tea for two, please, some ham sandwiches, and some scones with strawberry jam and cream.
Waitress: Yes, of course.

Bank clerk: … and how would you like the money?
Customer: In tens and fives, please.

Man: This bl… thing isn`t working!
Woman: They never work! You should know that.
Man: But how can I get my money back?

The 7.56 from Brighton is now arriving at platform 4. British Rail would like to apologize for the late arrival of this train. This was due to the severe weather conditions.

Landlord: Excuse me. Are you over 18?
Young customer: Yes, of course.
Landlord: Have you any means of identification?
Young customer: No, I haven`t.
Landlord: Then I`m afraid I`ll have to ask you to leave.