Jenny and Mark
J If I don`t go out so much, I`ll do more work.
If I do more work, I`ll pass my exams.
If I pass my exams, I`ll go to university.
If I go to university, I`ll study medicine.

M If I stop smoking, I`ll have more money.
If I have more money, I`ll save some every week.
If I save some every week, I`ll be rich when I`m thirty.
If I`m rich when I`m thirty, I`ll have my own business.

How `green` are you?

I = Interviewer J = John Baines

I John, I know that you`re interested all things to do with the environment and the need to protect it.
J Right.
I Can you tell me some of the things you`ve changed in your lifestyle to become a �green� person?
J Oh, yes. I could erm… I could think of one or two things that I`ve tried to do over the last couple of years. I think it`s a couple of years since I got my bicycle out of the garage and repaired it, and now I use it as much as possible. I use my car less. I try to do ten per cent fewer miles every year, so last year I drove eleven thousand miles, and this year I`m going to try to do only ten thousand.
I So does this mean that you travel less?
J This doesn`t mean I travel less, this means I walk more often. When I do my shopping, I always walk now. I use public transport when I can, usually going by train.
I I`m sure your car runs on unleaded petrol.
J Yes, it does. It`s cheaper, and it keeps the air cleaner.
I So that`s transport. What about in the home? What`s different in the kitchen?
J Well, I save as much as I can. I don`t throw it away. I have different bags for different things. One bag has all the cans going into it from the cat food to the beer. The second bag has all the papers going into it, and the third bag has bottles, from er… olive oil bottles to wine bottle to lemonade bottles. But the milk bottles still go on the doorstep so that they can be re-used.
I And what do you do with these bags?
J I take them to places where they can be recycled. There`s a place in the village where you can take them.
I And have you changes any of the things you buy?
J Yes. I get washing-up liquid and washing powder that doesn`t harm the environment…
I But does it get your clothes as white?
J I don`t think my washing was ever… very white actually. No, it`s fine.
I We were talking about food. I know you`re become a vegetarian. Is this part of being green, on something totally different?
J Erm… yes and no. Looking after animals, I think, is as important as looking after the environment. I mean, they`re part of it. So I prefer not to kill animals to eat them. Animals eat food that people could eat. But if people want to eat meat that`s their decision.
I Mm. I think it`s true that people all over the world are becoming more aware of the need to look after the planet. If we don`t look after it what will happen… do you think?
J If we don`t become more friendly to the environment then the environment will make it more difficult for us, so that our life will not be as comfortable. I think we`ll survive…
I Oh good!
J … but these are very important times.

Here`s your ticket and boarding card.
Do you have any hand luggage?
It leaves from platform eight.
Can I have a day return, please?
Would you like smoking or non-smoking?

At the check � in desk
A Hello. Can I see your passport and ticket, please?
B Here you are.
A Thank you. Do you have just the one case?
B Yes.
A Do you have any hand luggage?
B Just this one case.
A That`s fine. Would you like smoking or non-smoking?
B Non-smoking, please.
A Right. Here`s your ticket and boarding card.
B Thanks.
A Your flight will board at gate 14 in about an hour`s time. Have a good trip!
B Thanks. Bye.

At the railway ticket office
A Good morning. Can I help you?
B Yes, please. I want to go to Edinburgh. When`s the next train?
A Let me see. There`s one at 10.42. You change at Doncaster. And there`s another at 11.15.
B Is that direct, or do I have to change?
A That`s direct.
B What time does it arrive?
A Which one? The 10.42 or the 11.15?
B Er… the 11.15.
A It gets in at… 14.40.
B Right. It`s have a return ticket then, please.
A When are you coming back? Are you coming back today?
B No, tomorrow.
A Ah, so you can`t have a day return. You need a period return. That`ll be �78.40.
B Can I pay by credit card?
A Yes, certainly.
B Here you are.
A Thank you.
B Which platform does it leave from?
A Platform 3.
B Thanks.
A Goodbye.