J Would you like a game of tennis next Thursday?
C I can`t, I`m afraid. I`m going to Bristol.
J What for?
C I have an interview for a job as manager of a record shop.
J I didn`t know you wanted to move.
C Well, my parent are going to retire to Bath next year, and I want to be near them.
J How are you getting to Bristol?
C I have a bit of a problem, actually. My car isn`t working at the moment. I`m thinking of getting a taxi to the station, and then getting a train.
J I`ll give you a lift to the station. Don`t worry about a taxi.
C Really?
J Mmm.
C OK. Then I`ve get a taxi home.
J Well, what time is your train back?
C It gets in at twenty-one fifteen � what`s that? � quarter past nine in the evening.
J It`s all right. I`ll pick you up as well. It`s no trouble.
C That`s great! Thanks a lot, Jenny.

How different students organize their vocabulary learning
I have a little notebook. It`s an address book with the letters of the alphabet, and I write the new words in two or three time a week. I write the English word first, then the translation, and a short sentence as an example. I try to learn ten new words a day.
I have a little notebook. I always have it with me. I try to fill one page a day.
Sometimes I put words in groups, like fruit � all kinds of fruit, you know? Or colours, or clothes, or things and shops where you buy them. I have some grammar pages, where I write irregular verbs, or a page for prepositions. I think prepositions are difficult, you know � on Sunday, in the morning, listen to a concert � but you say phone someone. In my language we say “phone to someone”.
I stick little bits of paper all over my house! Sometimes I write what the thing is, er… On the mirror, I have mirror, on the door handle, I have door handle. Yeah, I know, it`s funny. My friend think. “What`s the matter with her?” but I like it. And sometimes I write the words that are new, from the last lesson, and I put the word on the… on the kitchen door and I see it every two minutes!
I write the new words on a little piece of paper, with the English on the one side and the Turkish on the other side. I write the English word in a sentence so I know how to use it, and what words it`s used with. Then in my left pocket, I have the new words, and in the day, when I`m having a break or travelling on the bus, I take out the new words, and if I remember them, they go into my right pocket. If I don`t remember them, they go into my left pocket again.
I am very lazy! I don`t do anything special at all! But I read a lot. I always have an English book in my bag. There are a lot of simple books, you know? Stories in easy English, they have questions at the back and they explain some difficult words, but I just enjoy the story and I think I learn new words and I don`t know I learn new words, but I see a word six, maybe seven times, and then I know it! And the stories are good!
I have a picture dictionary, which is good for learning words in groups, you know, jobs, the names for all the things in a car, like er… steering wheel, brake. But I don`t know how to pronounce the words.
I have a little cassette recorder, and after the lesson I record onto the tape the sentences that have the new words. Then when I am driving I can listen to them.
I like to look up words in my dictionary. Especially, I like to find different parts of speech for the same word, mm… act, actor, actress, adjective active, adverb actively, noun action. That I think is very useful � see! Use, useful, useless! A word family!
And something else! I always put a mark with my pencil next to the word I look up. Then, if I look up the same word again, I think: “Ah! This word, I must learn it this time!”

Henry`s family
My wife`s name is Elizabeth, that`s E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H. I have three children, two girls and a boy. The oldest girl is Megan. You spell that M-E-G-A-N. Then there`s Katie. That`s K-A-T-I-E. And the little one`s name is James. J-A-M-E-S.
My father`s name is Harold. You spell that H-A-R-O-L-D. My mother`s name is Elsie. E-L-S-I-E. I have a sister called Tricia. T-R-I-C-I-A.
Now my wife`s family. My father-in-law`s name is Thomas. T-H-O-M-A-S, and my mother-in-law`s name is Jessica. And you spell that J-E-double S-I-C-A. And that`s everyone!