Ben Now, have we got everything we need?
Sam Well, let`s see. There are some onions and potatoes, but there aren`t any mushrooms and, of course, there isn`t any minced beef.
Ben Are there any carrots?
Sam A few. But we don`t need many, so that`s OK.
Ben How much milk is there?
Sam Only a little. And there isn`t any butter, and we haven`t got much cheese.
Ben Well, we don`t need much cheese. Is there anything else?
Sam No, not for Shepherd`s Pie. We`ve got some salt and pepper, and there`s a lot of flour. Would you like me to help with the shopping?
Ben Yes, please.

Radio Advertisements
M = Man
W = Woman
V = Voice

M Er… Excuse me! Miss!
W Yes, love?
M What`s on the menu today?
W Well, let me see. We`ve got pie and chips and chop and chips and steak and chips and plaice and chips and skate and chips and cod and chips and egg and beans and chips.
M I see. You mean you`ve got pie.
W And chips.
M And chop…
W And chips…
M And steak…
W And chips…
M And plaice…
W And chips…
M And skate…
W And chips…
M And cod…
W And chips…
M And egg…
W And beans and chips.
V Everyone love chips, but not all time. That`s why Ross have brought out Oven Crunchies � real pieces of potato you can bake in the oven, fry, or grill. Delicious with anything, they`re a welcome change from chips.
M Now you can give those chips a rest. Oven Crunchies are the very best. They`re new from Ross, and they will make your sing. Buy them, try them with anything.
W You mean that Oven Crunchies are so good?
M Oh, yes.
W Why`s that?
M `Cos they`re from Ross.
V Oven Crunchies from Ross � the name that stands out in the freezer.
M They`re absolutely new…
V&W …from Ross.

Railway announcement. We apologize for the cancellation of this service.
Bus conductor: Sorry! Full up!
Man: Give us a break, will you?
Ah! That`s better! Look at that wonderful seafood! And wine!
Voice: This short break has been brought to you by P&O European ferries. From day-trips at ten pounds fifty return, to five day returns by foot, coach, or by car. P&O will cruise you from Dover to the Continent for a welcome break. See your local travel agent for more details. Right! Back to reality!

(Singing) And though I`m not a great romancer I know that I`m bound to answer when you propose, “Anything goes”
It`s hottest show in town.
(Singing) I get no kick from champagne.
It`s the tops. It`s Elaine Page in Anything Goes.
(Singing) Mere alcohol doesn`t thrill me at all. So tell me why should it be true…
Anything Goes, London`s most glamorous hit musical, featuring the unforgettable songs of Cole Porter. (Singing) … that I get a kick out of you.
Book your seats now at Prince Edward Theater or at your local ticket agent. The cast album is now available from all good record shops.

A car fanatic in America wanted a few extras in his 1982 Cadillac, such as a TV, video, three telephones, a bar that seats twenty, solar deck, and a swimming pool. So he gave it eighteen wheels and stretched it… to a massive seventy-one feet eleven inches. If you`re looking for something new, with a little more leg room, you can meet a car made for you at the London Motor Show Motor Fair at Earl`s Court, on now until Sunday 29.

(Singing) Can`t beat it. The feeling you get from a Coca-Cola. Can`t beat the real thing…
(Various voices) When you… buy… Coca-Cola… you get… free… meal.

Man: What they`re trying to say is that when you buy the special Coca-Cola twelve-packs, as long as a grown-up eats as well, you`ll get a free kid`s meal at Little Chef, Happy Eater, Welcome Break, or Harvesters.
Children: But that`s what we said.
(Singing) Can`t beat the feeling.


A Can I have a book of stamps, please?
B Do you want first class or second?
A We`d like two cheeseburgers and one Big Mac, all with fries, please.
B Would you like anything to drink with that?

A Could you tell me where the shoe department is, please?
B Yes, of course. It`s on the third floor.
A Have you got any Sunsilk shampoo for greasy hair?
B I`ll check, but I think we only have it for dry.

A Excuse me. Can you tell me where platform six is?
B It`s over there. Come with me. I`ll show you.

A I`d like a large, brown, sliced loaf, please.
B I`m afraid we only have white left.
A Can I take this bag as hand luggage?
B Yes, that`s fine. I`ll give you a label for it.
A Could I have another plastic bag? I`ve got so much to carry.
B Here you are. We don`t charge for them.