The student Rob Fellows
Hello! My name`s Rob Fellows. I come from Dundee, a town on the coast of Scotland, but I`m a student at Durham University, in the north of England. I`m studying French and German, and I can speak the languages quite well. I also know a little Spanish, so I can speak four languages. I`m enjoying the course a lot, but it`s very hard work!
I live in Durham Castle, because the Castle is part of the University, with about thirty other students. The course started two years ago, and I`m in my third year. After the course I`m going to work in France, but I don`t know where yet.

The student Maggie Wood
My name`s Maggie Wood. You spell that W-O-O-D. I come from Australia. I`m studying art, but I don`t go to university. I work at home. I watch special programmes on television. I`m reading about Italian painters at the moment in Italian, which is difficult because I only speak a little Italian. The course is really interesting, but it isn`t easy having a part-time job and studying!
I live near London. I came to England fifteen years ago. I`m married, and my husband`s name is Dave. He`s a taxi-driver. We have three children, two boys and a girl.
My course started a year ago, and it`s three years long. After the course I`m going to look for a job as a librarian in a museum.

Leaving home
David Snow talking about his daughter
My daughter Jackie is living in London now. We`re very worried about her, really. London is such a dangerous place for a young girl. She`s only eighteen, and London`s so far away. Her mother went down to see her there, but I don`t like London. I don`t know why she went there. I think she has some friends there. She says she wants to be a dancer, and she`s doing a sort of course, a ballet course or something, but dancing isn`t a real job, and you don`t earn much money being a dancer.
She`s living in a flat in north London � with her boyfriend, I think, and we don`t like that at all. We`ve never met the boyfriend � Tony, his name is. He doesn`t have a job.
I think she`s earning some extra money working as a dancer in a theatre or club in the centre of London, but I`m not sure. I hope it`s a nice place. I do worry about her. London is such a big place. I`m sure she wants to come home, really. She phones home sometimes, but not very often, and when we phone her, she`s always out. We are her parents, and I know we`re important to her, but it still make me sad.
Jackie Snow talking about her life in London
I came to London two months ago because I want to be a professional dancer, and the best schools of dance are here in London. I`m doing a course at the National Dance School, which is very hard work, but I`m really enjoying it. The course is expensive, but I work with a theatre group at the weekend. We teach dance to groups of children. I`m living with another girl in a flat in north London. It`s small, but it`s comfortable. My boyfriend, Tony, lives in the same street with his parents. They`re very kind, and often cook meals for me.
I know my parents are worried about me living in London but it isn`t dangerous at all if you`re careful. It`s so exciting here, there`s so much to do and see… It was difficult in the beginning, especially getting to know the Underground, and I didn`t know many people, but it`s fine now. I have a lot of good friends. I love my Mum and Dad very much, but I don`t want to live at home for the rest of my life. I phone home every Sunday, and when I go to a museum or art gallery, I always send them a postcard. Mum reads them, but I don`t know if Dad does.

Social English
Hello, Jane!
Hi, Peter!

How are you?
Fine, thanks.

See you tomorrow!

Good night!
Sleep well!

Good morning!
Good morning!

Good health!

Excuse me!
Yes. Can I help you?

(Someone sneezes) Bless you!

Have a good weekend!
Thanks! Same to you!

Thank you very much indeed.
Not at all. Don`t mention it.

Make yourself at home.
That`s very kind. Thank you.