A I`ve been to England. I haven`t been to Scotland.
B I`ve been to the United States. I`ve never been to Mexico.
C I haven`t been to any of the countries!

A Have you ever been to Ireland?
B No, I haven`t.
A Have you ever been to Scotland?
B Yes, I have.
A When did you go?
B Two years ago.

Roger`s life
Yes, I`ve lived in a foreign country. In Japan, actually. I lived in Osaka for a year. I really enjoyed it. I loved the food! Now, then. Have I worked for a big company? It depends what you mean by big. I`ve worked in a factory, and I`ve worked in an office, but they weren`t very big companies. I`ve never stayed in an expensive hotel, but I`d love to one day. A big room, breakfast in bed, it`d be lovely!
I`ve been in a jumbo jet. I went in one when I flew to Japan. The plane stopped in Moscow. The flight was about twelve or thirteen hours! Cooking. Mmm. Well, I can`t cook very well, but once when I was a boy scout I cooked for us all. There were about thirty of us, and I made beans on toast. It was delicious because everyone was so hungry. I`ve never met anyone famous, and I don`t really want to. Mm, I`ve only ever seen one Shakespeare play, and that was Hamlet. I saw it while I was at school. We studied it for an exam.
I`ve driven a tractor. When I was seventeen, I worked on a farm for a few months. I`ve been to hospital a few times. When I was six, I broke my leg, and when I was twenty-two I had a car accident, and I was in hospital for a couple of weeks. And I have never, ever, in my whole life, never won a competition.

Lilian and her father on the phone
L = Lilian F = Father
L We`re having a lovely time, Dad.
F I`m sure there`s a lot to do!
L There is! We`ve been for a walk in Central Park. It`s so big! Everything here is big. And we`ve climbed the Empire State Building. The view was fantastic. We haven`t been to Greenwich Village yet, and we haven`t been to Chinatown, either. We`re going to do that tomorrow.
F Have you seen the Statue of Liberty yet?
L Oh, yes, we have. We`ve just had a helicopter tour of the city, and we flew really close to it.
F What about a show? Have you seen a show on Broadway yet?
L No, we haven`t. We`re going to one on our last night here, but we haven`t decided what to see yet.


AA Hello. 276694.
B Hello. Can I speak to Jo, please?
A This is Jo speaking.
B Oh! Hi, Jo. This is Pat. I`m just ringing to check that Sunday is still OK for tennis.
A Yes, that`s fine.
B Great! See you on Sunday at 10. Bye!
A Bye!

A Hello. Chesswood 4576.
B Hello. Is that Liz?
A No, it isn`t. I`ll just get her.
C Hello. Liz here.
B Hi, Liz. It`s Tom. Listen! I`m having a party on Saturday. Can you come?
C Oh, sorry, Tom. I can`t. I`m going to my cousin`s wedding.
B Never mind. Perhaps next time. Bye!
C Bye.

A Hello. Barclays Bank, Chesswood.
B Hello. Can I speak to the manager, please?
A Hold on. I`ll put you through… I`m afraid Mr Smith isn`t in his office. Can I take a message?
B Don`t worry. I`ll ring back later.
A All right. Goodbye.
B Goodbye.