A I don`t like tea.
B Oh, I do. Well, sometimes. But coffee`s horrible.
A Yeah.
B I don`t like wine, either.
A My dad does, and my mum. They have it every day.
B I quite like apple juice, but it can be really sweet and yuk.
A I love beer! When my dad has some, I always take some.
B Milk, I like milk.
A Me, too, especially on cereal.
B Water`s just water. It`s boring.
A I like bread, but only if there`s nothing else.
B Mmm! I love bread and cheese.
A I hate cheese. But I adore ice-cream. Mmm! Any ice-cream! All ice-cream! Yummy!
B So do I. And chocolate. Lovely chocolate!
A Mmm, chocolate! I quite like rice, but not a lot.
B Me, too. But I like fruit.
A Yeah, I like fruit, especially strawberries and apples.
B Oranges are boring, but bananas are OK.
A I like bananas with a bit of milk and sugar.
B Oh, yuk! That`s disgusting!
A No, it isn`t. … I don`t like eggs at all.
B What about the rest? Biscuits, yes. Sandwiches, no. Tomatoes, yuk.
Both Hamburgers, YES!

A I`m thirsty.
B Would you like some tea?
A No, thanks.
B Would you like some apple juice?
B Oh, yes, please!

A I`m hungry. Is there anything to eat?
B Would you like a biscuit?
A No, thanks. I`d like a sandwich.
B Cheese? Ham?
A Cheese and ham, please!

1 Good afternoon. Can I help you?
2 Who`s your favourite writer?
3 What would you like for Christmas?
4 Do you like animals?
5 Here`s the wine list, sir.
6 Have some cream with your strawberries!

A Good afternoon. Can I help you?
B Yes. I`d like some fruit, please.

A Who`s your favourite writer?
B I like books by John le Carr鮼br />
A What would you like for Christmas?
B I`d like a new bike.

A Do you like animals?
B I like cats, but I don`t like dogs.

A Here`s the wine list, sir.
B We`d like a bottle of French red wine.

A Have some cream with your strawberries!
B No, thanks. I don`t like cream.

A Morning.
B Good morning.
A How can I help you?
B I`d like some orange juice, please.
A Er… sorry. There`s apple juice, but no orange juice.
B Oh! What`s that? Isn`t that orange juice?
A Oh, yes. So it is! My eyes! There you are.
B Thank you. And some potatoes, please.
A A bag like this?
B Yes, fine. Now, some milk.
A Sorry, I sold the last bottle just two minutes ago.
B Oh, dear! What about some coffee?
A Yes. There you are.
B Thanks. Orange juice, potatoes, milk, coffee … A kilo of apples, please.
A I don`t sell apples.
B Really? That`s strange. What about cheese? Do you have any cheese?
A No, I don`t sell cheese, either.
B No cheese? That`s incredible! OK. Now, I want some pizza, but I`m sure you don`t sell pizza, do you?
A Yes, sir. Pizza with mushrooms, pizza with cheese and ham, pizza with sausage, and pizza with tomatoes.
B Wow! Can I have some … pizza with cheese and ham, please?
A Sorry, sir. Usually I have pizza, but not on Thursday. Today`s Thursday.
B I see. I don`t suppose you have any bread.
A You`re right.
B Pardon?
A You`re right. There isn`t any bread.
B Tell me. Do you do a lot of business?
A Oh, yes, sir. The shop`s open all the time.
B What do people buy?
A All the things you can see.
B Well, that`s all for me. How much?
A One pound twenty, please.
B Thank you. Goodbye.
A See you again soon, sir.
B (to himself) I don`t think so.

A Have another cream cake, my dear. They`re delicious!
B I couldn`t. I`m full.
A Oh, go on!
B Well, all right. Just one more. That chocolate one.

A Yes, please. Who`s next?
B Hello. Can I have a chicken and salad sandwich in a brown roll, please?
A Salt and pepper?
B Yes, please.
A Anything else?
B Yes. An apple and a mineral water.
A Two, three… three pounds forty.
B Thanks.

Mum Tom! Lily! You`re late. It`s 8.30!
Tom I know, I know. I`m ready.
Mum Where`s Lily?
Tom In the bathroom, I think.
Mum Still? Lily? Lily?
Lily Yes, Mum?
Mum Come on! It`s 8.30.
Lily OK
Mum Are you ready, Tom?
Tom Yes, Mum.
Mum Don`t yes Mum me.
Tom No, Mum.
Mum Right, Lily, are you ready?
Lily Where`s my school bag?
Mum I don`t know. It`s your bag.
Tom Here it is.
Mum Right. See you later. Give me a kiss. Bye, see you.
All Bye! See you!

A Yes, please.
B Hello. Can I order a take-away, please?
A Yes, sir. What would you like?
B A chicken curry … not too hot.
A Yes, sir.
B And some rice. That`s all…
A Thank you, sir. About fifteen minutes. Is that OK?
B That`s fine, thanks.

Dad Come on! It`s ready.
Lily Pardon?
Dad It`s ready. Dinner`s on the table.
Lily OK.
Tom Mm! It smells good! What is it?
Dad Spaghetti Bolognese. Come and sit down.
Mum How was school today?
Tom OK.
Mum Were you late?
Lily No. Well, a little.

Same family + G = Grandmother

G Mm. That beef was lovely, my dear.
M Thank you, Mother.
D Some more wine, Mum.
G No, thank you, James. One glass is enough for me. Really, Jane, I don`t know how you make your gravy, but it`s always so delicious!
M You say that every time, Mother, and I tell you how I cook it every time. It`s always the same way. Meat juices and vegetable juices. Now, Mother, what about some desert? There`s fruit salad or apple pie and cream. What would you like?
G Well, just a little, then.
M Which one?
G Both, of course.

A Good evening. Can I help you?
B Yes, please. Could I have a room for the night?
A Certainly. A single room or a double?
B Single, please.
A Would you like a room with a shower or a bath?
B A shower. How much is the room?
A ?72 for the room and breakfast. Would you like an evening meal?
B No, thanks. Just breakfast. Can I pay by credit card?
A Yes, of course. We take Visa and Access. Could you sign the register, please?
B Yes, sure. Do you want my address, too?
A No. Just a signature. Do you have any luggage?
B Just this one bag.
A Here`s your key. Your room number is 311. I hope you enjoy your stay.
B Thanks.