Ann McGregor
On Fridays I come home from the BBC at about 2.00 in the afternoon and I just relax. On Friday evenings I don`t go out, but sometimes a friend comes for dinner. He or she brings the wine and I cook the meal. I love cooking! We listen to music or we just chat.
On Saturday mornings I get up at 9.00 and I go shopping. Then in the evenings I sometimes go to the theatre or the opera with a friend ? I love opera! Then we eat in my favourite Chinese restaurant.
On Sunday… Oh, on Sunday mornings I stay in bed late, I don`t get up until 11.00! Sometimes in the afternoon I visit my sister. She lives in the country and has two children. I like playing with my niece and nephew, but I leave early because I go to bed at 8.00 on Sunday evenings!
A Do you go out on Friday afternoons?
B No, I don`t.
A What do you do?
B I just relax.
A Do you stay at home on Friday evenings?
B Yes, I do.
A What do you do?
B I cook dinner for friends.

1 What does he do on Sundays?
2 I stay at home on Thursday evenings.
3 He lives here.
4 I eat a lot.
5 Where do you go on Saturday evenings?
6 She likes cars.

Mr Forrester

Mr and Mrs Forrester have a son and a daughter. The son lives at home, and the daughter is a student at university. Mr Forrester is a journalist. He works for The Times. He writes articles about restaurants. ?I love food!? he says.

Mr Forrester`s holidays

?Every spring the children go skiing, so my wife and I go to Paris on holiday. We stay in a hotel near the River Seine. We have breakfast in the hotel, but we have lunch in a restaurant. French food is delicious! We walk a lot, but sometimes we go by taxi. After four days we don`t want to go home and go back to work.?

The Seasons


We have long, cold winters and short, hot summers. In summer I go sailing and I play baseball, but in winter I play ice hockey and go ice-skating. We have a holihay home near a lake, so I go fishing a lot, too. My favourite season is autumn, or fall, as we say in North America. I love the colours of the trees-red, gold, orange, yellow, and brown.


People think it`s always warm and sunny in Portugal, but January and February are often cold, wet, and grey. I don`t like winter. I meet friends in restaurants and bars and we chat. Sometimes we go to a Brazilian bar. I love Brazilian music. But then suddenly it`s summer and at weekends we drive to the beach, sunbathe, and go windsurfing. I love summer.


I work for Pentax cameras, in the export department. I don`t have a lot of free time, but I have once special hobby ? taking photographs, of course! I like taking photographs of flowers, especially in spring. Sometimes, after work, I relax in a bar near my office with friends. My friend, Shigeru, likes singing pop songs in the bar. This has a special name, Karaoke. I don`t sing ? I`m too shy! I just watch him.

M = Manuela J = Jane
F = Manuela`s friends P = Portuguese man

M Hello, everybody! This is my friend Jane, from England.
F Hi!
Hello, Jane!
J Hello. Pleased to meet you.
M Sit down here, Jane.
J Thanks.
P Do you like this music, Jane?
J Mm. Is it American?
P No, it`s Brazilian jazz!
M Come and have a drink, Jane…

T = Toshi J = Jones

T Mrs Jones! How do you do?
J How do you do?
T Please, come in. You`re from our office in London, aren`t you?
J Yes, that`s right.
T Welcome to Tokyo! Do you like our headquarters here?
J Yes. It`s very big. How many people work here?
T About six thousand people. Do you want to see our offices?…

A = Al M = Mick

A What do you want to do today, Mick?
M Ooh, I don`t know. What do you …
A Well, do you like fishing?
M Yes. I sometimes go fishing in a river near my house in Scotland.
A Well, here it`s different. This is a very big country. I go fishing on a lake. It`s hundred kilometres long!
M A hundred kilometres!
A Yeah! There are fish this big! Are you interested? Do you want to go?
A Right. You want a fishing line …

Social English

A Excuse me!
B Yes?
A Do you have a light?
B I`m sorry. I don`t smoke.
A That`s OK.


A I`m sorry I`m late. The traffic is bad today.
B Don`t worry. Come and sit down. We`re on page 25.


A Can I open the window? It`s very hot in here.
B Really? I`m quite cold.
A OK. It doesn`t matter.

A Excuse me!
B Can I help you?
A Can I have a film for my camera?
B How many exposures?
A Pardon?
B How many exposures?
A What does exposures mean?
B How many pictures? 24? 36?
A Ah! Now I understand! 36, please.