Sister Mary comes from Ireland. She is a nun and she lives and works in a girls` school in Cork. She teaches French and Spanish. She likes her job and she loves the green countryside of Ireland. She goes walking in her free time.

Hans Huser is a ski-instructor. He is Swiss and lives in Villars, a village in the mountains. In summer he works in a sports shop and in winter he teaches skiing. He speaks four languages, French, German, Italian, and English. He is married and has two sons. He plays football with them in his free time.
Sister Mary
A Where does Sister Mary come from?
B Ireland.
A What does she do?
B She`s a teacher.
A Does she speak French?
B Yes, she does.
A Does she speak German?
B No, she doesn`t.

Hans Huser
A Where does Hans come from?
B Switzerland.
A What does he do?
B He`s a ski-instructor.
A Does he speak French and German?
B Yes, he does.
A Does he speak Spanish?
B No, he doesn`t.

Georges, Keiko and Mark
1 Georges comes from Paris.
2 Georges lives in London.
3 He works in the centre of Paris.
4 In his free time he plays tennis.
5 Keiko comes from China.
6 She lives in Washington.
7 She speaks French and German.
8 She`s married to an American.
9 Mark comes from England.
10 He works in Liverpool.
11 He speaks Italian.
12 In his free time he goes walking.

Hear the sentences
1 She likes her job.
2 She loves walking.
3 She`s married.
4 Does he have three children?
5 Where does he go?
6 She watches the television.

Frank Garret`s day
A Good morning, sir. Can I see your ticket?
B Yes, of course. Here you are.
A Thank you. Maidstone next stop.
B Thank you.

A Good morning, boys and girls.
B Good morning, Mr Garret.
A Can I have your homework, please?
B It`s on your desk, Mr Garret.
A Thank you.

A Goodbye, Frank. Have a good journey!
B Thank you very much.
A See you next Monday.
B Yes, of course. Goodbye!

A Excuse me. Is this seat free?
B Yes, it is.
A Thank you. It`s cold this evening.
B It certainly is. And the sea`s very black!

A Hello darling! Are you tired?
B Yes, I am. And cold.
A Sit down and have a glass of wine.
B Mmmm! Thank you. I`m hungry, too.

Listen to the time
It`s five o`clock.
It`s eight o`clock.
It`s half past five.
It`s half past eleven.
It`s quarter past five.
It`s quarter past two.
It`s quarter to six.
It`s quarter to nine.
It`s five past five.
It`s ten past five.
It`s twenty past five.
It`s twenty-five past five.
It`s twenty-five to six.
It`s twenty to six.
It`s ten to six.
It`s five to six.

Conversation about the time
A Excuse me. Can you tell me the time, please?
B Yes, of course. It`s six o`clock.
A Thanks.

A Excuse me. Can you tell me the time, please?
B I`m sorry. I don`t know. I don`t have a watch