Phone numbers
010 double 3 1 46589394

A What`s her surname?
B Hopkins.
A What`s her first name?
B Mary.
A Where`s she from?
B England.
A What`s her job?
B She`s a journalist.
A What`s her address?
B 35, North Street, Bristol.
A What`s her phone number?
B 0272 478 2209.
A How old is she?
B Twenty-three.
A Is she married?
B No, she isn`t.

This is a photo of Martin, his wife, and his children. His wife`s name is Jennifer. She`s a dentist. His daughter`s name is Alison. She`s twenty-three and she`s a hairdresser. His son`s name is Andy. He`s nineteen and he`s a student. Alison`s boyfriend is a travel agent. His name is Joe.

a It`s big.
b It`s small.
c She`s old.
d She`s young.
e They`re expensive.
f They`re cheap.
g It`s horrible.
h It`s lovely.
i It`s easy.
j It`s difficult.
k They`re old.
l They`re new.
m They`re hot.
n They`re cold.
o It`s right.
p lt`s wrong.

72 Newton Drive
London Sw 6
3ed October

Dear David,
How are you? I`m fine. I`m in London, at the International School of English. I`m in class 3 with eight other students. They`re all from different countries ? Spain, France, Japan, Argentina, Switzerland and Thailand. Our teacher`s name is Peter Briscall. He`s very nice. He`s funny and he`s a very good teacher.
My new address is at the top of the letter. I`m with an English family, the Browns. Mr and Mrs Brown have three children. Thomas is fourteen, Catherine is twelve, and Andrew is seven. They are all very friendly, but it isn`t easy to understand them!
London is very big and very interesting. The weather is good ? cold but sunny ? and the parks are beautiful! Hyde Park, Green Park, and St James` Park are all in the centre. It isn`t easy to use the Underground, but I understand it now. It`s very expensive!
English food is OK, but the coffee is horrible!

Write to me soon.
Love, Paola.

P.S. Is my English OK?

Paola Hello. My name`s Paola.
Kurt Hello, Paola. I`m Kurt.
Paola Where are you from?
Kurt I`m from Switzerland. And you? Where are you from?
Paola I`m from Rome.
Kurt Ah! I`m from Zurich.
Paola Zurich is very beautiful.
Kurt Yes, it is.

T = ticket seller
P A ticket to Green Park, please.
T Two pounds fifty.
P One… two… and fifty p.
T Thank you. Here`s your ticket.
P Thanks.

B = Peter Briscall C = class
B Good morning!
C Good morning!
Good morning, Peter!
B How are you today?
C Fine. OK
B How are you, Paola?
P I`m fine thank you, Peter. And you?
B Very well! Now, the lesson today is going to be about…

C = assistant in caf鉋 = Kurt

C Yes?
P A coffee, please.
C Black or white?
P Sorry?
C Black or white? Milk?
P Ah! Black, please. No milk.
C Sixty p, please.
P Thanks.
P Urgh! It`s horrible!
K English coffee is very bad!

C = Catherine T = Thomas

C Is your teacher good, Paola?
P Pardon?
C Your teacher. At the school of English.
P Ah! Yes! Peter.
C Is he OK?
P Yes. He`s very nice. He`s funny.
T What`s your dad`s job, Paola?
P Pardon? I…
T Your dad. What`s his job?
P My dad …?
C Say father, Thomas, not dad.
T Ah, OK. What`s your father`s job, Paola?
P Now I understand. My father`s job, yes.
Um… He`s a doctor, yes.
T Ah, right!

a ham sandwich ?1.50
a cheese sandwich ?1.30
a tuna sandwich ?1.70
a chicken sandwich ?2.00
a piece of pizza 90p
a hamburger ?2.50
an ice-cream 80p
a cup of tea
a cup of coffe
a Coke
an orange juice
a mineral water

A How much is a cup of tea?
B 50p
A How much is a cup of coffee?
B 70p
A How much is a Coke?
B 60p
A How much is an orange juice?
B 60p
A How much is a mineral water?
B 80p

A Hello.
B Hello. Can I have a ham sandwich, please?
A Here you are. Anything else?
B No, thanks.
A One pound fifty, please.
B Thanks.
A Thank you.

A Hi.
B Hello. Can I have a cheese sandwich, please?
A Anything to drink?
B Yes. A cup of tea, please.
A OK. Here you are.
B How much is that?
A One pound eighty, please.
B Thanks.

A Good morning.
B Morning.
A Can I have a hamburger and a cup of coffee, please?
B OK. Here you are.
A Thanks. How much is that?
B Three pounds twenty.
A One, two, three pounds … twenty p.
B Thanks.
A Thank you.