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  1. Every four years, the Olympic cauldron ___ at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games.
    a. has lit
    b. is lit
    c. is lighting
  2. Greek festivals ___ the creation of the modern Olympic games.
    a. had to inspire
    b. had inspired
    c. inspired
  3. The first games of the modern era ___ in Athens in 1896.
    a. was held
    b. were held
    c. held
  4. In the ancient Olympic games, only men ___ .
    a. could take part
    b. could be taken part
  5. Women ___ even to watch the games.
    a. forbid
    b. were forbidden
  6. The three best athletes or teams ___ medals.
    a. are given
    b. give
    c. gave
  7. The five interlacing rings ___ the official symbol of the Olympic games.
    a. are
    b. have to be
    c. are being
  8. The five rings ___ upon a white background represent each a continent: Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe.
    a. sit
    b. seat
    c. set
  9. While the Olympic flame ___ as a symbol of the Olympic games, the Olympic mascots ___ as a symbol of the games for children of all ages.
    a. respects, stands
    b. respects, stand
    c. is respected, stands
    d. is respected, stand
  10. The USA ___ the country that ___ the competitions in 1996.
    a. was, hosted
    b. were, hosted
    c. is, hosts
  11. The link between the ancient and modern Olympic games ___ by the torch relay.
    a. is symbolized
    b. symbolize
    c. are symbolized