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  1. Jenny is ___ work now.
    a. on
    b. in
    c. at
    d. over
  2. The bookstore is just ___ the corner.
    a. around
    b. across
    c. over
    d. opposite
  3. Jill was standing ___ me.
    a. along
    b. at
    c. across
    d. next to
  4. Tracy waited ___ the bus station for an hour.
    a. under
    b. at
    c. across
    d. along
  5. Donald lives ___ Coronation Street.
    a. around
    b. by
    c. through
    d. on
  6. My birthday falls ___ the 25 of July.
    a. at
    b. on
    c. behind
    d. in
  7. There is a bench ___ the lamp post.
    a. beside
    b. over
    c. along
    d. through
  8. There are cars parked ___ the road.
    a. through
    b. along
    c. across
    d. with
  9. She comes to work ___ foot.
    a. on
    b. by
    c. with
    d. in
  10. Ida wanted to stay ___ home.
    a. in
    b. at
    c. off
    d. inside