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  1. As ___, he forgot to bring his notebook to school.
    a. usual
    b. usually
  2. He speaks neither English __ French.
    a. or
    b. nor
  3. ___ do you call that in English?
    a. How
    b. What
  4. The teacher explained ___
    a. the lesson to the student.
    b. the student the lesson.
  5. He was charged ___ murder.
    a. with
    b. for
  6. The storm prevented ___ on a picnic.
    a. us to go
    b. us from going
  7. The students have no difficulty ___ the exercise.
    a. in doing
    b. to do
  8. The committee comprises ___ with widely different views.
    a. men
    b. of men
  9. A man’s concept of liberty is different from ___.
    a. a woman
    b. a woman’s
  10. He objects ___ treated like a child.
    a. to be
    b. to being
  11. I ___ here for three years.
    a. am teaching
    b. have been teaching
  12. a. Can you give me ___ details, please?
    a. further
    b. farther
  13. Hijacking is considered a ___ serious crime than kidnapping.
    a. more
    b. most
  14. Does he ___ his mother or father?
    a. resemble to
    b. resemble
  15. The boy ___ father is a famous scientist has won the prize.
    a. whose
    b. who’s
  16. ___ is a great virtue.
    a. The wisdom
    b. Wisdom
  17. He typed ___
    a. the report carefully.
    b. carefully the report
  18. ___ he didn’t like her, he invited her out.
    a. However
    b. Although
  19. We ___ the pictures on the wall.
    a. hung
    b. hanged