I. Pre-Listening Exercises [Top]

Shopping Online or at local department stores is an activity many people enjoy. How often do you go shopping for the following items and where do you buy them: clothing, gifts for friends and family, music, DVD movies, electronics?

HELPFUL TIP: If you can’t find a present you are looking for at a local retail store, try shopping online. It’s convenient and you can often save money and time.

II. Listening Exercises [Top]

Listen to the conversation by pressing the “Play” button, and answer the questions. Press the “Final Score” button to check your quiz.

1. What is the girl shopping for?
A. a present for her mother
B. a present for a friend
C. a present for her father

2. How much is the black wallet?
A. $49.95
B. $40.95
C. $44.95

3. Why doesn’t the girl like the brown wallet?
A. There isn’t a place to put pictures.
B. It’s too big and heavy.
C. She doesn’t like the color.

4. About how much does the girl have to spend?
A. $5.00
B. $10.00
C. $13.00

5. What does the girl decide to buy?
A. a black wallet
B. a brown belt
C. a tie

Score =
Correct answers:

Man: Hi young lady. How may I help you?
Girl: Well, . . . yeah. I’m looking for a Father’s Day’s gift.

Man: Okay. How about getting your father a new wallet?

Girl: Hmm. How much is that wallet?

Man: Huh . . . which one?

Girl: The black one.

Man: Oh. It’s only $40.95.

Girl: Huh? That’s too expensive for me. Do you have a cheaper one?

Man: Hmm. How about this brown leather one?

Girl: Umm. . . I don’t think my father will like the design on the outside, and it doesn’t have a place to put pictures. How much is it anyway?

Man: It’s $25.99.

Girl: Humm. I don’t have that much money.

Man: Okay. How much do you have to spend?

Girl: I’m not sure [money falling on the table]. Probably about ten dollars or so. I’ve been helping my mom around the house for the past week to earn some money. This is all I have.

Man: Hmm. How about this tie?

Girl: That’s real pretty, but the price tag says $13.99, and I know I don’t have that much money.

Man: Well, let’s just say the tie just went on sale. How about $5.00. What do you say?

Girl: Oh, thanks. I’ll take it.