I. Pre-Listening Exercises [Top]

What are some common ways to celebrate wedding anniversaries? What do people do, where do they go, and what gifts to they buy for their spouses?

HELPFUL TIP: For some people, wedding anniversaries are important dates to remember. Mark the date on your calendar so you don’t forget and plan something special that will help make the event memorable.

II. Listening Exercises [Top]

1. Listen to the conversation by pressing the “Play Audio” button and answer the questions based on the information you hear. Press the “Final Score” button to check your quiz.

1. What is the problem at the beginning of the conversation?

A. The man forgot to buy his wife’s favorite flowers.

B. The man didn’t remember their anniversary.

C. The man didn’t take his wife out last week.
2. Which sentence describes the wife’s ideal vacation at the beginning of the conversation?

A. a cruise to faraway exotic places

B. a week alone at a hot springs resort

C. comfortable days at high-class accommodations

3. Why does the woman want a new kitchen range?

A. Her current stove isn’t working properly.

B. The kitchen stove burns the woman’s meals.

C. The kitchen range is too small for the family.

4. Why does the woman want more clothing?

A. She needs smaller sizes because she has lost weight.

B. She wants more comfortable clothing for the winter.

C. She is tired of wearing old, used clothing.

5. What does the woman suggest doing before they plan their trip?

A. talk with friends about the trip

B. have a light lunch

C. buy some travel books

Score =
Correct answers:

Husband: Happy Anniversary!

Wife: Oh, thank you. They’re beautiful. You shouldn’t have . . . especially since our anniversary was last week.

Husband: What? Oh, I completely forgot . . .

Wife: Again?

Husband: No Way. I can’t believe it.

Wife: Neither can I, but you did.

Husband: Ah, how can I make it up to you . . . again? Anything!

Wife: Okay, let’s negotiate. [Negotiate?] First of all, I want to go on that dream vacation you’ve always promised me.

Husband: You mean, to Chicago?

Wife: No! To Europe. I want to fly first class and stay at 5-star hotels. And no more places with broken heaters, leaky showers, and dirty bedding.

Husband: Ah, were those places that bad?

Wife: Well, SOMETHING a little nicer, at least once in a blue moon, would be nice. [Well . . . ] And, oh yeah. Next, I want to get a new kitchen stove. The old one took its last breath weeks ago.

Husband: But we . . .

Wife: No, we’re NOT going to use the outdoor barbecue anymore. It isn’t any fun at all cooking outside in the winter, with icicles hanging from your nose.

Husband: That bad?

Wife: Not for YOU since you’re always watching from inside.

Husband: Oh, well.

Wife: And finally, I want a new wardrobe: some new dresses, shirts, pants, earrings . . .

Husband: But . . .

Wife: And, NO, I’m not going to wear your grandmother’s old secondhand pants again.

Husband: Is that it?

Wife: Uh, hmm, for now. So, why don’t we grab a bite to eat before we start planning the entire adventure.

Husband: But lunch wasn’t on the list.

Wife: Let’s see. Paris, Rome, London, then a short detour to Russia, China, [What?!] and, ooh, and Hawaii on the way home.

Husband: Wow. I’d better ask the boss for a huge raise.

Key Vocabulary
  • No way: unbelievable
    – He really got married? No way! I thought he’d take that step.
  • negotiate (verb): talk about the terms of an agreement
    – The couple is trying to negotiate a divorce settlement.
  • once in a blue moon: very rarely
    – We go out to a nice restaurant once in a blue moon.
  • wardrobe (noun): the clothing someone has
    – His girlfriend buys a new wardrobe every few months.
  • secondhand (adjective): not new, used by someone else
    – The family bought secondhand clothing at a discount shop so they could save money.
  • grab a bite (to eat): have a light meal
    – Would you like to grab a bite this evening after work?