I. Pre-Listening Exercises [Top]

In a small group, describe the “ideal” partner for you. Think in terms of personality, educational and family background, socioeconomic level, job, and personal values and beliefs.

II. Listening Exercises [Top]

1. First, listen to the conversation by pressing the “Play Audio” button and answer the questions. Press the “Final Score” button to check your quiz.

1. What was Rocky doing at the beginning of the conversation?

A. eating and drinking

B. dancing to the music

C. standing around at the party

D. talking with his girlfriend, Babe
2. Rocky likes women who:

A. serve him hand and foot.

B. stimulate his intellect.

C. pursue their own careers.

D. enjoy reading novels.

3. In addition to eating, Rocky feels his household chores include:

A. fixing the appliances like the TV and throwing out the trash.

B. washing the car and collecting the trash.

C. watching television and taking out the garbage.

D. fixing things around the house.

4. Rocky acknowledges that his views on women:

A. were shaped by his own family life.

B. are quite progressive for the times.

C. reflect the views of earlier generations.

D. are in line with the prevailing views.

5. From the conversation, what is the most likely scenario of events for the rest of the evening for Rocky?

A. He returns home alone and spends the night with his dog.

B. He remains at the party to try to make new friends.

C. He decides to visit his friend, Rusty, and they have TV dinners.

D. He meets a woman who shares his mutual interest in archeology.

Score =

Correct answers:

Ed: Hey Rocky! You’ve been holding this wall up all night. Get out and dance with someone like that babe over there.

Rocky: No way! She’s more the intellectual type. My pickup line just won’t work. I like them more like sponges, soaking up every line I dish out.

Ed: Oh come on man! What kind of woman do you like?

Rocky: I want a woman that fulfills my every need, and that babe is not the right type.

Ed: Hey. Where have you been? Times are changing, and you’re never going to find a woman that will shine your shoes and fill your beer mug all the time. Wake up.

Rocky: Oh really? I met a lot of woman like that, just not at this party. [Oh.] I prefer woman that stay home, cook, clean, and watch the kids.

Ed: Okay, but where do you fit into this wonder plan? I mean what are your household responsibilities once you get home from work?

Rocky: Hmm. Eat, watch TV, and throw out the trash.

Ed: Wait, wait, wait. I can’t believe I’m hearing this. You’re never going to get married. I recently read a news report that said that 40 percent of women don’t think their husbands do their share around the house, and you seem to fit into that mold.

Rocky: That’s interesting, but that doesn’t change my point of view. I guess I’ll have to settle for TV dinners and my dog, Rusty.

Ed: I think so. Well, hey, I could use a little intellectual pickup at this point. I like women who are open-minded and have something interesting to say. Hey, and if I stick with you here, this is going to be a long, lonely night. Say hello to Rusty for me.

Key Vocabulary [Top]
  • holding the wall up (verb): standing and leaning against a wall (informal, slang)
    – Are going to hold that wall up all night, or are you going to help us move this furniture?
  • babe (noun): woman (informal, slang)
    – Who was that babe I saw you with last night?
  • pickup line (noun): something said, often by men, to attract women
    – He tried every pickup line he knew, but he didn’t succeed in finding a date.
  • mug(noun): a cup often used for hot drinks like coffee or cold beer
    – Please fill my mug with some of that hot chocolate. It smells good.
  • stick with(verb): remain with someone or something, continue to do
    Stick with me, and you won’t get lost.
    – You need to stick with your studies to get good grades.