I. Pre-Listening Exercises [Top]

What animals do you enjoy seeing at a zoo, including those that you would see on safari trips or Arctic sightseeing tours? What do like most about these animals?

HELPFUL TIP: A great way to prepare for a visit to the zoo is to talk to children about the animals they will see. They will find great satisfaction in being able to identify the animals themselves.

. Listening Exercises [Top]

I. Listen to the conversation by pressing the “Play Audio” button and answer the questions. Press the “Final Score” button to check your quiz.

1. What did the boy like best about the zoo?

A. porcupines

B. penguins

C. polar bears
2. What did the elephant do at the zoo?

A. The elephant kicked dirty food in their direction.

B. The elephant sprayed water at the children.

C. The elephant tossed dirt at the people.

3. According to what little the boy said, what can we infer about the bird show?

A. One of the birds performed exactly as expected.

B. A bird didn’t mind the trainer very well.

C. They couldn’t see the birds from where they were sitting.

4. Where did the boy see the butterflies?

A. inside a glass enclosure

B. in a wire building near the bird show

C. flying around the zoo

5. What does the expression, “Sleep tight” mean found at the end of this conversation?

A. It refers to the idea of wrapping yourself up in blankets to keep warm.

B. It represents the feeling of having good dreams throughout the night.

C. It makes reference to old-style beds that used ropes to hold up the mattresses.

Score =
Correct answers:

Father: Mikey. Time for bed [Why?] Why? It’s getting dark out. Well, do you want to talk before you go to bed? [Yeah] Uh, what do you want to talk about?
Boy: Um, the zoo.

Father: The zoo? Oh, that was so fun when we went to the zoo. What did you like best about the zoo?

Boy: Um, the porcupines.

Father: They were big, weren’t they. And what else . . . yeah. What else do you remember?

Boy: Um, the two giraffes.

Father: The two giraffes? And were they taller than me or shorter than me?

Boy: Over your head.

Father: They were over my head. They were pretty tall. And what else do you remember? I remember . . . didn’t you see an elephant? [Yeah] What about the elephant do you remember? [Um] What was he . . . was he eating? [Yeah] He was eating. And then, mommy said something happened with the elephant. That he did something.

Boy: He throwed dirt on us.

Father: He did? Oh, how did he do that? With his foot?

Boy: No, with his trunk.

Father: And then you fed some ducks. What color were the ducks?

Boy: White.

Father: And what other animals do you remember?[Um] Wasn’t there some type of show.

Boy: Yeah. A bird show.

Father: A bird show? What did the birds do?

Boy: Um, flied.

Father: Oh, they flew around!

Boy: One flied.

Father: Oh, one flew. Were they good birds? [Yeah] Were they naughty at all?

Boy: One was naughty.

Father: What did it do?

Boy: Um, did, to, thing, what you . . . it the . . . the man what it could not do. [Translation: It did something it wasn’t supposed to do.]

Father: Uhh, okay. And then you saw some butterflies, didn’t you? [Yeah] What colors were they?

Boy: After the bird show.

Father: After the bird show you saw them. And were the butterflies flying around all over the zoo?

Boy: Uh, um, they’re inside.

Father: They were inside, what, a little building? [Yeah] What was the building made of? Was it made of wood? [No] What was it made of? [Glass] Oh, made of glass. And couldn’t the butterflies fly out of the glass? [No] No, oh, what stopped them from flying out?

Boy: Um, the air.

Father: Oh, the air. Oh, there was air coming down? [Yeah] Oh, well that’s great. Well, it’s time to go to bed now. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Good night.

Boy: Good night.

Key Vocabulary [Top]
  • porcupines (noun): a land animal with long, sharp needles used to protect itself
    – You don’t want to touch the porcupines unless you want to get hurt.
  • trunk (noun): the long nose or snout of an elephant
    – The elephant used its trunk move that big tree.
  • naughty (adjective): badly behaved
    – The monkeys were really naughty and stole my hat right off my head.