I. Pre-Listening Exercises [Top]

Have you ever heard of Adsense? If not, it is one service that allows you to make money online. However, what questions or concerns do you have about making money using the Internet? Is it safe and effective? How do affiliate marketing programs work Write down your ideas before you listen to this short news program on Adsense. This news program is not affiliated at all with the actual program, but only provided as information.

HELPFUL TIP: Making money on the Internet is possible. Just be sure to read carefully all the terms of the program before you make any commitments to make sure you understand what you are joining

II. Listening Exercises [Top]

Listen to the conversation by pressing the “Play Audio” button and answer the questions. Press the “Final Score” button to check your quiz.

1. Who is the developer of the program, Adsense?

A. a major search engine

B. a marketing sales company

C. a money funding institution
2. Website owners can make money with Adsense by:

A. promoting the ad service to others companies.

B. placing ads for other companies on their site.

C. selling their products through this online ad store.

3. How are the ads distributed?

A. in email or mailing lists

B. through online news groups

C. on Websites

4. Which point about Adsense was NOT addressed in the news report?

A. You can tailor the look and feel of the ads to suit your needs.

B. You are paid based on the number of times people click on the ad.

C. You can see how your account is doing by viewing statistics online.

5. What should you do before you sign up for an account?

A. Read the Terms of Service.

B. Check your Website ranking.

C. Determine if Adsense is cost effective for you.

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Correct answers:

Welcome to today’s news segment, highlighting business opportunities on the Internet. One such opportunity is a program called Adsense from the major search engine, Google. Basically, Adsense is a simple and easy way for Website owners to place discreet ads on their sites as a means of earning income. You simply insert certain lines of code and then receive a certain percentage of resulting revenue.
What is so nice about this program is that it is very simple and straightforward to implement and maintain. Here are some points you should keep in mind.

First, the program is free to join.
Next, you only have to add a snippet of code to each page to display the ads.
Also, Google serves up ads on your pages that are relevant to your site’s content. These ads can also enhance the content and substance of your own pages.
Also, the ads are less noticeable (and annoying) than pop-up or pop-under ads, and you can customize the look, feel, and placement of the ads.
Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with advertisers since Google manages the entire program.
Finally, an online log-in area gives you statistics as to the performance of your account.
As you can see, the Adsense program can be beneficial to both sides in allowing advertisers to spread the word about their products and services, while Websites who display the ads can earn money to support their own businesses or interests. Visit the Google Web site and read the Terms of Service to learn more about this program and see if Adsense is right for you.

Key Vocabulary [Top]
  • discreet (adjective): careful not to attract attention or cause embarrassment
    – Sometimes, doctors have to be very discreet when talking with their family about patients.
  • means (noun): method or way
    – Many advertisers use almost any means to persuade customers to buy their products.
  • enhance (verb): improve or make better
    – You can enhance your Website by making it easier to navigate.
  • straightforward (adjective): simple, direct, and clear
    – I suggest you use a straightforward approach when dealing with the problem with your girlfriend.
  • implement (verb): put into action
    – The company president decided to implement a new training program to improve employee morale.
  • relevant (adjective): having some connection to a certain subject
    – If a Website is relevant to the needs of its visitors, people will return to use it again and again.
  • enhance (verb): improve or make better
    – You can enhance your Website by making it easier to navigate.
  • annoying (adjective): making you feel bothered by or unhappy with something
    – You can enhance your Website by making it easier to navigate.
  • customize (verb): change something to make it more appropriate or suitable for you
    – Many people customize their computers the way they like them.
  • spead the word (idiom): tell or announce something to a lot of people
    – Hey. Tom is getting married. Spread the word!
  • display (verb): show
    – Some Web sites display to raise money to support their sites.