1. The house is ________ at the corner of a busy street.

2. If I were you I ________ go to the doctor tomorrow.

3. The new factory chimney was ________ than all the trees around it.

4. The police ________ me $12 for parking at a bus-stop.

5. Her parents were very ________ because she was out so late that night.

6. You may not have to stay the night but take a toothbrush just in ________.

7. “The answer ________ higher employment is a greater production,” the economist said.

8. We meet for lunch ________ every Friday.

9. On the ________ to the town there is a beautiful wood.

10. I’m afraid that we don’t have any ________ sizes in stock, madam.

11. The patient ________ to listen to his doctor’s advice.

12. Children with ________ diseases should not be allowed to go to school.

13. ________ ten minutes of the start of the game two players had been sent off.

14. It happened ________ we were asleep last Friday night.

15. It is obvious ________ everyone that he is not responsible for this mistake.

16. His ________ for his loyal support of the party was a seat in the Cabinet.

17. What a mess! The papers need ________.

18. I hope his work ________ by next Monday.

19. I don’t know the answer myself but I’ll ________ around and see if anybody else knows.

20. I thought the way you behaved was ________ outrageous.