1. The new manager explained to the staff that she hoped to ________ new procedures to save time and money.

2. The safety committee’s report recommended that all medicines should be kept out of the ________ of children.

3. The manager ________ the men to return to work immediately.

4. On holiday I ________ always on the beach when the weather is fine.

5. Travelling to Paris ________ air is quicker than driving.

6. I’m not going to help you with your homework and neither ________ John.

7. “________ is a very good all-round exercise,” the doctor told Susan.

8. The burglar ________ to open a window at the back of the house.

9. We ________ going to the concert. The orchestra was marvellous.

10. When she was crossing the room the night-nurse happened to notice the old lady ________ to get out of bed.

11. Although the town had changed in the ten years since he had last visited it, much of it was still ________ to him.

12. If you want to change the shirt that you bought, make sure that you keep the ________.

13. – Deborah: When are they going to buy that house? – Claudia: Didn’t you know? They finally decided ________.

14. After the police had questioned him for 12 hours, Higgins broke ________ and confessed.

15. While studying he was financially dependent ________ his wife.

16. Luckily, he remembered ________ up with petrol, so he didn’t run out.

17. I’ve looked ________ it everywhere, but I can’t find it.

18. Switzerland is well-known for its impressive mountainous ________.

19. If they ________ to that party, they would certainly decide to attend it.

20. I will lend you this book tomorrow if I ________ it.