1. When he retired from his job the directors ________ him with a clock.

2. The old sailing boat was ________ without trace during the fierce storm.

3. ________ he comes, don’t forget to phone me.

4. He’s the ________-looking man I have ever met.

5. You can count ________ me if you ever want any help.

6. My favourite ________ is roast beef.

7. At four o’clock Mr Hutchinson still had some ________ to do in the garden.

8. I ________ milk chocolate to plain chocolate.

9. “You can’t have this football back ________ you promise not to kick it at my cat again,” the old lady said firmly.

10. There was so much noise that we could hardly ________ what the speaker was saying.

11. If you want to have a pet you must be ready to look ________ it for several years.

12. I wish I could ________ smoking.

13. The United States ________ from voting at the United Nations yesterday.

14. Mark will be late as usual, but Alec always comes ________ time.

15. He confessed to me that he had just been converted ________ some strange religion.

16. You could have avoided risking ________, General Brown.

17. Before I decided to buy a plane ticket I ________ to the head of the travel agency.

18. Your behaviour is awful. I’m fed up to the back ________ with trying to find excuses for your bad behaviour.

19. Given the Secretary of State’s ________ the President’s foreign policies, he has no choice but to resign.

20. I like current affairs programmes that aren’t afraid to tackle ________ subjects.