1. I lost too much money betting at the races last time, so you won’t ________ me to go again.

2. It is not long until the exam; you ought to stop ________ so much television and study a bit more.

3. In the ________ left-hand corner of the picture there is a white mark.

4. Their aim is to ________ up a new political party.

5. He could not have known what was in the letter ________ he had written it himself.

6. He found learning to drive easy and ________ his driving test the very first time.

7. The Finance Minister will be making a ________ today about new rates of income tax.

8. I know nothing about televisions, so when mine broke down, I took it to the shop to ________.

9. Don’t ________ up yet; you will soon be able to play the trumpet well.

10. The train will be leaving in five minutes so you ________ better hurry up.

11. He ________ me to buy my air ticket immediately or it would be too late.

12. As the streets of our cities become busier, people are turning more and more to the ________ bicycle.

13. I have forgotten to ________ today and I’ll have to go to the bank tomorrow.

14. He wrote everything that ________ about it.

15. She works very hard, as she is ________ all our students’ affairs.

16. It takes years to ________ as a doctor.

17. The ________ of the air by toxic gases is one of the major problems of this century.

18. Although his work was often ________ and ________, he was promoted anyway, simply because he had been with the company longer than anyone else.

19. They sent a sample of pottery they had found to the laboratory so that a date could be ________ on it.

20. Our school ________ for the summer holidays on 10th July.