1. Could you please tell me if you have any electric typewriters ________?

2. Please come round this evening; I ________ to see you urgently.

3. My younger sister is very ________ and so she loves going out but I am much quieter and prefer to stay at home.

4. Can you ________ me a good pill against airsickness?

5. They were really ________ about my idea of joining them in London.

6. We were all taken ________ surprise when they announced their engagement.

7. I can’t possibly lend you any money; it is quite out of the ________.

8. I wish you’d stop comparing my cooking ________ your mother’s.

9. The bank will ________ you the money if you are prepared to pay them eight per cent interest on it.

10. He is intent on passing the examination, but I’m doubtful ________ his chances.

11. Beware ________ the dog.

12. The waiter’s tip is included ________ the bill.

13. If you fail in this attempt, don’t count ________ me for help.

14. I insist ________ your telling me the truth.

15. Do you mean to say you have never heard ________ Beethoven?

16. Even though he was more than sixty he had very few ________ on his face.

17. The cat showed her ________ for the stale fish by turning her back on it.

18. In about a week Tom ________ his summer holiday.

19. an Indian summer = ________.

20. I ________ you that I had no intention of offending you.