1. The defendant’s family were present at the ________.

2. I don’t ________ with your decision but I do think that you might have told me last week.

3. ________ I lock the door for you?

4. Our car was badly ________ in the accident.

5. Do come ________ instead of standing there on the doorstep in the rain.

6. Everyone in the village ________ about the plans for the new road.

7. He ________ his friend to go camping with him.

8. – Alistair: I’m in an awful mess here. Could you give me a hand? – Alexander: Certainly. What needs ________?

9. I ________ my family very much when I’m away from home.

10. The ________ age of the population in most western countries is rising fast.

11. You can’t get sleeping pills unless you go to the doctor and get a ________.

12. Driving a car with faulty brakes is ________ quite a risk.

13. The shop assistant apologized and said that they didn’t have any of them ________ yet.

14. You really ________ have passed that exam: you obviously didn’t work hard enough!

15. Sue hadn’t seen her brother for thirty years and ________ they recognized each other instantly.

16. You ________ be exhausted after that walk.

17. The new pills are round, so they’re easier to ________.

18. I had to be up early the next morning, so I ________ myself and left the party.

19. Do you ________ to go to the party?

20. We ________ the plumbers to install an extra radiator in the living-room.