1. When the police eventually found my wallet, it was completely ________.

2. It was a sad day when the factory finally closed and the workers were all ________.

3. You will become ill ________ you stop working so hard.

4. The sooner we leave this terrible hotel, the ________!

5. You won’t need an umbrella after all: the weather seems to be ________.

6. When you stay in a country for some time you get used to the people’s ________ of life.

7. We can no longer afford the cost of ________ two cars, so we’re selling one.

8. A soldier has to learn to carry ________ orders as soon as they are given.

9. Too many footballers these days refuse to ________ the referee’s decision.

10. It’s not fair that I ________ always have to do the washing-up.

11. I don’t think Nicole will have any problems at the interview: she’s a very self-________ young lady.

12. Last summer was so hot that the ________ in the wood actually dried up.

13. It is over a year ________ I visited the dentist.

14. There’s an interesting job ________ in today’s newspaper.

15. The drawing lessons usually start ________ 4 p.m.

16. I though you said that you were ________ to be in Spain this weekend.

17. Motorway traffic was ________ after a lorry overturned and spilt its load over the northbound carriageway.

18. Being described by the Americans as a homemaker seems infinitely preferable to being referred to as a(n) ________ housewife.

19. I wish they ________ change their minds so often!

20. The Tabors lived a life thought to be ________ even by their contemporaries.