1. In Britain home ownership has ________ rapidly since 1960.

2. Nobody ________ that aeroplane crash.

3. The bus was so late reaching the station that I ________ missed my train.

4. The manager did not offer her the job because of her untidy ________.

5. You ________ have seen the Jacobs yesterday – they’re in Australia.

6. The hotel has been built on the ________ of a lake.

7. His performance was ________; the audience was delighted.

8. Please ________ your bill before you leave the shop and make sure that it is correct.

9. It’s difficult to see through the windscreen – I can’t even make ________ where the road is.

10. I found the book rater dull, I couldn’t read it ________.

11. She has to work hard to keep the house ________ and tidy with three small children.

12. How much have you borrowed ________ me already?

13. This warm coat will protect you ________ the cold.

14. Spies may have a number of ________ names and papers.

15. He was ________ after he had packed for the holidays.

16. If I had known about it, I ________ him to go.

17. You ________ better be careful not to miss the train!

18. I hope you don’t mind me ________ so late at night.

19. As cunning as a ________ = very clever, very smart.

20. Archaeology is one of the most interesting scientific ________.