1. He kept the door open by putting a ________ under it.

2. ________ from Tom, all the workers said they would go.

3. This cloth ________ very thin.

4. He says he has got ________ in his stomach.

5. The taxi-drivers are complaining that their fares are too ________.

6. The gunman ________ the pilot of the plane to change direction.

7. As soon as the firebell rang everyone walked quickly downstairs and out of the building, ________ gathered in the car park.

8. He has a very strong ________ to see his country again.

9. Be careful! Don’t ________ your drink on the table.

10. This wet weather has lasted for three weeks now; ________ rained every single day.

11. It is a very long ________ from Tokyo to London.

12. Excuse me! Can’t you see the doctor’s notice? Do you mind not ________?

13. Browns Ltd will have to ________ sales during the coming year.

14. The party, ________ I was the guest of honour, was extremely enjoyable.

15. That’s the woman ________ daughter I nearly married when I was younger.

16. I would be thankful ________ any advice you can give me.

17. I haven’t accused him ________ anything, but I suspect him of having taken it.

18. The spy surrendered himself ________ the enemy and was condemned to death.

19. Joyce’s novel Finnegan’s Wake continues to ________ critics, including those who find it comprehensible and call it ________.

20. Although this disease threatens the lives of several thousand persons every year, the ________ of supplies and equipment has ________ the progress of medical research for a cure.