1. I’m sorry, I haven’t got ________ change. Why don’t you try the bank?

2. Ford is one of the most popular ________ of car in Britain.

3. I must ________ shopping tomorrow as we have no food in the house.

4. I can’t see any easy ________ to this rather complicated problem.

5. The other day I came ________ a really beautiful old house in the back streets of Birmingham.

6. I can’t find my handbag anywhere; it has simply ________.

7. Scientists have discovered a close ________ between smoking and several serious diseases.

8. She came in quietly ________ not to wake the baby.

9. He decided to ________ a party to celebrate his birthday.

10. I have absolutely no doubt ________ the innocence of the accused.

11. Everybody ________ me for the accident.

12. Tommorow they are going to see the works ________ Van Gogh.

13. I consulted my lawyer ________ the matter and I shall act on his advice.

14. I’m afraid he didn’t enjoy ________ at his aunt’s house.

15. There are ________ when I have to work very hard.

16. Peter, ________ by the repeated rejections of his novel, ________ to submit his manuscrip to other publishers.

17. When she heard the bad news, she hit the ________.

18. It has been ________ that environment is the ________ factor in the incidence of drug addiction, but recent studies with twins separated at birth indicate that a predisposition to addiction can be inherited.

19. If the phone ________ she would rush to answer it.

20. The three friends all ________ for the same job.