1. He had to leave his family ________ when he went abroad to work.

2. The author had qualified as a doctor but later gave up the ________ of medicine for full-time writing.

3. It was ________ we had to walk quickly to keep warm.

4. His first novel was much more exciting ________ any he has written since.

5. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I am having a party on Friday – ________?

6. He ________ his head, wondering how he could solve the problem.

7. He swatted a fly on the window and ________ the glass.

8. Jean received a letter this morning ________ her a place at university.

9. They’ve spent so much money that they’re ________ debt.

10. ________ you open the window, please?

11. Will you please ________ what you just said. It was very rude.

12. Stick this ________ on the parcel that says ‘Fragile’. Then people will see that they must handle it carefully.

13. He ________ that the people he works with are all very interested in their jobs.

14. When I learned to ski, I practised on a slope that was not too ________.

15. The trade ________ of the company is a flying horse.

16. You will not succeed ________ working harder.

17. She’ll never part ________ her precious possessions.

18. I am grateful ________ you for being so patient with him.

19. We have to work hard for our money while the fat ________ in the City make money doing very little.

20. Youngsters need all the help and ________ they can get nowadays when applying for jobs.