1. We felt sorry ________ Sarah when she lost her job at the chemist’s.

2. It was very difficult for the inspector to ________ what the recommendations he should make.

3. She walked to the ________ of the swimming pool and jumped in.

4. I thought I’d buy her a ________ brown bag.

5. The policeman ________ me the way.

6. He was sent to prison for ________ a bank.

7. I’m going to stay here ________ he phones and then I’ll come and join you.

8. You can trust what he says. He’s a very ________ person.

9. They haven’t beaten me yet. I still have one or two ________ up my sleeve.

10. After dinner, the President got up to ________ a short speech.

11. She was an ________ writer because she persuaded many people to see the truth of her ideas.

12. – Lucian: I’m most grateful to you for getting the doctor in time. – Miriam: If I hadn’t, I think you ________.

13. People who live in the cities ________ to suffer from stress more than people in the countryside.

14. He has provided ________ every emergency.

15. There was a note attached ________ the parcel.

16. Italian is a splendid language ________.

17. I saw her ________ the street.

18. Although we have a large number of students, each one receives ________ attention.

19. We negotiated with the unions for several hours but weren’t able to ________ at an agreement.

20. The missing climber, who had not been seen or heard of for two days, appeared at the mountain hut ________ and kicking.