1. I’m going to get a new car; I’m tired ________ having to take this one to the garage to get it repaired all the time.

2. ________ a computer can help you work much faster.

3. I ________ be delighted to show you round the factory.

4. ________ the wet weather, the football match went ahead.

5. She rang to make an early ________ at the hairdressers.

6. Mike was the ________ in his family; all his brothers were much taller.

7. Could you buy a cake please ________ John and Mary come this afternoon?

8. One ________ of public transport is its unreliability.

9. Did you know that Vanessa is ________ a baby?

10. The main ________ to progress is not technical but political.

11. The best rooms in that hotel ________ the bay.

12. The by-laws say that all dogs ________ be kept on a lead in the park.

13. Separate the eggs and then beat with a ________.

14. He was ________ to steal the money when he saw it lying on the table.

15. My father ________ me to learn English when I was a child, but never forced me.

16. We are accustomed ________ bad weather.

17. I was afraid ________ mentioning it to him.

18. I warned him ________ the danger, but he wouldn’t listen to me.

19. Petrol is feared ________ in price this week.

20. I will ask him to come if I ________ him.