1. When factories are ________ by management, then workers tend to lose their jobs.

2. – Roland: Have the children had supper yet? – Marion: No, and they’re not used ________ it so late.

3. “Be careful, Stuart, Paola has her eyes ________ you,” Carol said.

4. In spite of the anaesthetic, Pauline was fully ________ during the operation.

5. This morning the postman was ________ down the street by my dog.

6. I don’t ________ to see her again until next Tuesday.

7. Some drivers, after ________, annoy their fellow-motorists by slowing down again immediately.

8. After two months, he had ________ news of what she was doing in London.

9. Now that my dad is retired, he enjoys ________ more time with his grandchildren.

10. His debt now amounts ________ $100.

11. You demand too much of him; he is not really equal ________ the task.

12. Even though he is thirty five, he lives on his mother and is completely dependent ________ her.

13. Will you have ________ to tell her the truth?

14. Parents and children ________ enjoyed the show.

15. The programme of reconstruction in the city centre is now ________.

16. The production comes along well, although there were some ________ at the very beginning.

17. If I could understand this text, I ________ the next page.

18. Please ________ and see us some time – you’re always welcome

19. I could ________ a note of panic in his voice.

20. Thousands of people use the ________ of footpaths across these hills.