1. He was surprised that her English was so ________ as she had never been to England.

2. I went to ________ some pictures by a new painter the other day.

3. If it ________ fine, I shall go out.

4. The idea of a balanced diet is very difficult to ________ to anyone who knows nothing about food values.

5. There was a small room into ________ we all crowded.

6. You ________ go to dentist’s before your toothache gets worse.

7. – Hilda: Was the Minister’s speech interesting? – Miles: Yes, at first, but it was ________ long.

8. Dr Bannister has been on ________ for twenty-four hours without a break.

9. When he braked suddenly on the icy road, the car ________.

10. This is the ________ church in the city.

11. You must put your name and address on this side of the form, and then sign on the ________ side.

12. We will always ________ the wonderful winter holiday we had in Austria.

13. The president ________ his intention to retire before the next election.

14. As he walked through the fields, he heard sheep ________.

15. I’m afraid I can’t comment ________ your work just yet.

16. He was employed ________ a factory before he joined the army.

17. It was ________ that they decided to go mountain-climbing.

18. I think he ________ you my regards when you met.

19. Not ________ did she refuse to speak to him, but she also vowed never to see him again.

20. to come through flying colours = ________.