1. Marjorie was ________ better than her sister at tennis.

2. She lives near to me and I often speak to her on my ________ to work.

3. The noise of the traffic prevented me from ________ to sleep.

4. The horse ‘Red Rum’ is famous for ________ the Grand National race three times.

5. Before we start the lesson, I’d like to ________ what we did yesterday.

6. Well, I think it’s time we ________ on our way.

7. Would you ________ looking after the baby for me while I’m out?

8. It seems that the world record for this event is almost impossible to ________.

9. They’re old customers of ours. We’ve been ________ with them for many years.

10. She applied for training as a pilot, but they turned her ________ because of her poor eyesight.

11. Patricia wasn’t accustomed ________ by coach.

12. He’s left his book at home; he’s always so ________.

13. Newly-________ coins always look clean and shining.

14. Sorry I’m late. I had to go to the library to ________ some books.

15. It was such a hot day ________ the surface of the road began to melt.

16. Mrs Maudsley always ________ out in a crowd because she wore such large hats.

17. Please apply ________ the secretary for information.

18. Though the concert had been enjoyable, it was overly ________ and the three encores seemed ________.

19. A skillful ________, the Dean adopted a posture of patience and ________ toward the protestors, rather than rejecting their demands outright.

20. Could you give me a rough ________ of what the job might cost?