1. – Joan: Could I have another spoonful of your delightful pudding? – Maud: Oh dear, there doesn’t seem to be ________.

2. I shall go on working on the farm ________ I can.

3. Yes, sir. I’ll ask Mr Smith to ________ to you as soon as he returns.

4. A camera works by letting light through a small ________ at the front.

5. You will have to ________ your holiday if you are too ill to travel.

6. If we go to the market we might find a ________.

7. The plane was ________ by two hours because of bad weather.

8. Our guests didn’t leave until 2 a.m., so they ________ have enjoyed themselves.

9. Eve was sitting just ________ Peter and Harry.

10. She remembered the correct address only ________ she had posted the letter.

11. I have never ________ any experience of living in the country.

12. Could you lend me some money? I’m very ________ of cash at the moment.

13. The ________ were told to fasten their seat belts as the plane began its descent.

14. There are ________ trains running today because of the go-slow.

15. She isn’t ________ well with the new manager.

16. Has it ever occured ________ you that those twins are quite different from each other in many ways?

17. I’m ________ with your stupid questions.

18. If they had been able ________ it for you, they would have done it.

19. The police carried out a ________ search for the missing diplomat.

20. Fitting together the thousands of fragments of the broken vase was a long and ________ task.