1. There is ________ that I may have to go into hospital next week.

2. Call for me at any time that ________ you.

3. He always wore a shirt with an open ________.

4. I have learned all the irregular verbs ________.

5. The soldiers were put in prison because they ________ to obey orders.

6. I don’t believe he can ________ it properly.

7. I ________ as ill as I do now for a long time.

8. If he ________ lucky, he can get the job.

9. Does your new secretary ________ shorthand?

10. Mary and John ________ to the parties at the Student Union every Friday.

11. Mike had hoped ________ his letter.

12. They forgot about ________ them to join us for lunch.

13. I really appreciate ________ to help me, but I am sure that I will be able to manage by myself.

14. It’s difficult to pay one’s bills when prices keep ________.

15. We have no ________ in our files of your recent letter to the tax office.

16. They said they had the European rights for the product but it was a lie. They were acting under false ________.

17. The teacher says, “The time is up.” This means that the period of time has ________.

18. ________ we dislike him, he’s efficient and we can’t dismiss him.

19. The examiners often ________ extremely difficult questions for the literature exam.

20. All we see is the ________ of the iceberg; six – seventh of it are underwater.