1. He hoped the appointment would enable him to gain greater ________ in publishing.

2. Your room is a mess! ________ it up at once!

3. Large waves were ________ on the seashore.

4. Their house is ________ near the Cathedral.

5. There was hardly ________ money left in my bank account.

6. They were making enough noise at the party to wake the ________.

7. Can you ________ me 5$ until next week?

8. As far as I know, she ________ back yet.

9. I’ve decided to join ________ this club.

10. Are you sure Miss Smith ________ use the new equipment?

11. His government insisted that he ________ until he finished his degree.

12. Because they usually receive the same score on standardized examinations, there is often disagreement as to ________ is the better student, Bob or Helen.

13. She remembered the correct address only ________ she had posted the letter.

14. The managers agreed to ________ the question of payment.

15. When he left school, John decided to ________ a priest instead of studying languages.

16. It is clearly not true – just a ________ and bull story.

17. Your brother is very tall. What is his exact ________?

18. Studying late at night is one of those things that ________ me tired.

19. He is a man who won’t ________ his promise.

20. ________ that he only started learning two years ago, his English is excellent.