1. I come home ________ school in the afternoon.

2. When my aunt lost her cat last summer, it turned ________ a week later at a house in the next village.

3. My old cat died last year, and I still ________ her.

4. At the first ________ of twelve everybody stopped for lunch.

5. We ________ her a happy birthday.

6. Yesterday Tom ________ me a very interesting story.

7. ________ your math course yet?

8. I ________ from Mike for more than a week.

9. My friend ________ when the lesson started.

10. Would you please ________ write on the test books?

11. ________ you rather sit by the window?

12. He’s a really annoying person. He’s always getting ________ my nose.

13. I’ve never heard such a load of cock and ________ in my life.

14. Britain, for the present, is deeply mired ________ and the future looks uncertain.

15. When water is heated, it will change into ________.

16. Each of them ________ to bring ________ own book to the next class.

17. Penquay is ________ a nice place that they want to live there.

18. A sword will only draw blood if it actually ________ the skin.

19. Before joining a course of study you must fill in a long ________ form.

20. You can see a second-hand car only if it is in reasonably good ________.