1. I go ________ school in the morning.

2. Would you like ________ to one of my friends about it?

3. Mr Brown ________ me a very nice letter a few days ago.

4. She ________ a very amusing article in one of the newspapers yesterday.

5. They are ________ their competition now.

6. He got ________ bronchitis and was taken to ________ hospital.

7. It was raining ________ so we couldn’t go out.

8. ________, please. I’ll see if the manager is in.

9. Since your roommate is visiting her family this weekend, ________ you like to have dinner with us tonight?

10. The old man asked her to move because he ________ in that chair.

11. Excuse me, but it is time to have your temperature ________.

12. The ticket agent said that the plane would be boarding at ________.

13. At a potluck dinner, everyone who comes must ________ a dish.

14. Just put your coat in ________.

15. On the ________ to the town there is a beautiful wood.

16. But why did the police suspect you? It just doesn’t make ________ to me.

17. If something is out of order, it is ________.

18. The tenants were ________ not to disturb other tenants after 1p.m.

19. This house ________ five rooms.

20. I don’t know where he lives; I don’t ________ know who he is.