1. I’m sorry I ________ your party: I was away at the time.

2. The workmen made so much ________ that Mrs Walker had to spend three days cleaning up afterwards.

3. After the game, the referee was interviewed ________ television.

4. He thanked me for what I ________ the previous week.

5. ________ going to the party.

6. Something extremely strange ________ yesterday while we were out jogging.

7. His English teacher recommends that he ________ a regular degree program.

8. How much snow ________ now?

9. When she was crossing the room the night-nurse happened to notice the old lady ________ to get out of bed.

10. This morning the postman was ________ down the street by my dog.

11. The way he never listens to me really gets ________ my nerves.

12. His speech was not appropriate ________ the occasion.

13. Her parents were very ________ because she was out so late that night.

14. If it ________, the match will be postponed.

15. – You look very tired. – I ________ papers all day.

16. When the boy ________ the car he was badly injured.

17. Monkeys belong to the group of animals ________ as primates.

18. When you do a favour for someone, don’t expect anything ________.

19. Since your roommate is visiting her family this weekend, ________ you like to have dinner with us tonight?

20. How long ________ French?